SAN DIEGO -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- E-Band Communications announced the introduction of a multi-gigabit solution, the first commercially available millimeter-wave radio solution operating at 2.5 Gbps over the air.

The E-Link 2500 is part of a new series of products optimized for LTE and 3G/4G carrier networks. The 4G Evolution Series, which currently consists of 70/80 GHz high capacity products, features solutions for carriers that need to enhance backhaul infrastructure and transition their existing networks to carry data-centric 4G traffic.

“E-Band is excited to announce that our 2.5 Gbps solution has successfully completed field testing and is available for our customers worldwide,” said Saul Umbrasas, co-founder and senior vice president of E-Band Communications. “The E-Link 2500 was very well received by our customers and is already being deployed in carrier networks to transmit commercial 4G backhaul traffic.”

“The development of the E-Link 2500 solution was driven by carriers that requested E-Band to provide more capacity for their backhaul transport rings. This solution, and forthcoming product announcements as part of our new 4G Evolution Series, will enable our customers to extend fiber-type capacity in urban areas where devices such as smartphones are placing tremendous demands on networks.”

E-Band’s 4G Evolution Series encompasses multi-gigabit capacity products and a range of new carrier solutions. Features and benefits announced today include:

•Expanded line of 70/80 GHz solutions, capable of up to 2.5 Gbps

•Highest link budget in the industry, due to E-Band’s exclusive Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) technology

•Monitored Hot Standby (MHSB) and 1+1 configurations

•Indoor-outdoor and complete outdoor solutions

•A new patent pending innovation that will make installations easier, faster and save money for carriers, distributors and installers.