NEW YORK, /PRNewswire/ -- As soccer fans around the world prepare for the sport's ultimate battle on Sunday (July 11), 1,000 FiOS TV subscribers are ready - with essential party gear from Verizon - to host their soccer-viewing parties.

"We're thrilled that our FiOS TV customers are opening their homes to their friends and neighbors to share the ultimate game-day experience on television," said John Wimsatt, senior vice president of marketing for Verizon. "The next best thing to being at the big game is watching it on FiOS TV. With our incredible picture-and-sound quality, you'll have a front-row seat to any fancy footwork out on the field."

Last month, Verizon recruited FiOS TV fans to host simultaneous in-home soccer-watching get-togethers so their friends and neighbors can experience FiOS TV's amazing HD picture-and-sound quality.

Christina Fenn, a Verizon FiOS customer from Staten Island and a sports enthusiast, said: "My friends and I love sports and we always get together to watch the big games. This party will allow me to show off my favorite FiOS TV widgets. And with all the goodies from Verizon's party box, I can run fun contests to give some of them away to my friends."

Each of Verizon's party packs included a Flip Ultra? Camcorder, which hosts are encouraged to use during the party to capture the excitement of the event, from the comfort of their homes. FiOS TV fans have already uploaded content online to the Verizon FiOS Ultimate Battle Game Day Watching Party site (

Hosts of the FiOS Ultimate Battle soccer-viewing parties are encouraged to enroll in Share the Network, Verizon's referral program. Hosts who do so can earn a reward card worth up to $100 (reward currently doubled until July 15) for each friend they refer who signs up for Verizon Internet and TV service. All referrals made by Verizon's Ultimate Battle Game Day hosts will have the potential to win $5,000 cash (winner will be randomly selected).

Verizon's advanced all-fiber network gives FiOS subscribers unique services that take watching sports at home to the next level. FiOS TV offers 100 percent digital quality on every channel, including those that will air the July 11 game (Univision, ESPN, ESPN2 and ABC). In addition, FiOS TV customers can make game-day watching interactive with Verizon's Twitter and Facebook widgets. Subscribers can log on to Twitter to offer up their own game commentary, or on to Facebook to keep friends posted on all the action -- right on the TV screen while watching the game.

FiOS TV subscribers also have access to the Soccer Widget as well as several other sports widgets throughout the year including the Pro-Football Widget, NBA LEAGUE PASS Widget and Baseball Widget. In addition, Verizon recently launched Zona Latina, which provides quick access to Spanish-language programming as well as soccer headlines, sports and international news, Latin music and more. These services are part of FiOS TV's next-generation interactive services, which also include an advanced interactive media guide, news and entertainment widgets, remote DVR management, multi-room DVR, and more. New customers can sign up now for one of several FiOS TV bundled packages, starting with more than 40 HD channels with FiOS TV Prime HD, up to 15 Mbps (megabits per second) downstream and up to 5 Mbps upstream FiOS Internet, and voice service -- for $99.99 a month (plus taxes and fees) with a two-year agreement.