SAN DIEGO --(BUSINESS WIRE) – VMIX, a leading online video platform provider, announce the release of a new software-development kit designed to reduce the level of effort and time it takes developers to integrate video into mobile applications.

The VMIX Mobile Video SDK accelerates application development for the Apple iPad and iPhone by providing an open-source library that extends the Apple Media Framework APIs in the iOS SDK. VMIX also announced plans to support Google Android-based devices with an update to the VMIX Mobile Video SDK within the next month.

VMIX co-founder and CTO Greg Kostello said the new SDK places developers on the fast track to integrating video into the diverse types of mobile apps they are tasked with creating.

“Our SDK makes it easy for developers to add dynamic, streaming media and video sharing to just about any application. We believe simplifying integration will go a long way towards helping organizations unlock the immense potential that video holds for their mobile channels.

“Not only does the SDK contain the libraries needed to build out simple to complex mobile apps, but we’ve included code for both iPad and iPhone sample apps—with other devices following soon—that developers can modify to create their own branded applications with very little effort.”

“With the VMIX platform, developers can get their apps running quicker than you can imagine—ingesting, processing, managing and delivering mobile and web video, and scaling easily both in terms of features and capacity to meet requirements as they change over time.”

VMIX offers mobile developers:

•A Mobile Video SDK, which reduces development time and effort

•REST-based, mobile-ready APIs

•Online support, demo apps and documentation

•An upload service that accepts video and images from any device or format

•Targeted encoding to optimize the viewer experience

•Flexible content-management tools to automate syndication

•Progressive, dynamic and encrypted streaming options for fast, reliable delivery

•Visual, flexible, easy-to-share analytics

•24x7 online support and live content moderation

•Usage-based, flexible pricing options