NEWTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE) -- Enterprise marketing software provider Neolane, Inc. announced today that it has been selected by Comcast-Spectacor’s full-service ticketing and digital fan marketing subsidiary, New Era Tickets, to power marketing for its sports and entertainment clients.

New Era Tickets selected Neolane’s marketing automation platform to help its clients improve ticket sales, establish a single, consolidated view of their customers and prospects, and increase customer retention and lifetime value. Advanced email deliverability, ability to customize messages and offers across marketing channels, lead scoring, and flexible multi-tenant database architecture were key selection criteria.

“Neolane provides New Era Tickets, FanOne and their clients with tremendous growth potential, both in terms of improved customer loyalty and new revenue opportunities by bridging the gap between sales and marketing and fostering communication that drives everyone toward a common goal.”

New Era Tickets supports 55 venues and teams across North America, representing 11 million tickets and $470 million in annual ticket sales. New Era Tickets’ FanOne Marketing division will be the first to utilize the Neolane platform. FanOne will rely on Neolane’s proven flexibility and extensive cross-channel marketing capabilities to power its digital marketing services designed exclusively for the sports and entertainment industry. Services will include campaign development, execution and reporting for clients such as Pocono Raceway, John Labatt Centre and Santa Ana Star Center.

“Working with Neolane will provide us with new advantages across our sales and marketing programs that will have an immediate impact on revenues,” said Fred Maglione, president and CEO of New Era Tickets. “With the ability to improve personalization and targeting across marketing channels, we will be able to drive higher response rates for our clients by helping them maintain control of their data, develop deeper customer relationships and maximize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities that improve season ticket renewals and customer retention.”

“Today, very few of our clients know anything about their fans other than past purchases, which means marketing messages aren’t as relevant as they could be and often can’t break through the marketing clutter,” commented Jen Zick, director of marketing, New Era Tickets and FanOne Marketing. “By leveraging Neolane’s deep cross-channel marketing functionality, including advanced data segmentation and the ability to customize offers, our clients will be able to deliver personalized messages and offers to help venues and teams increase per capita spend through coordinated, personalized pre-event communications, such as marketing to certain stadium seat sections with information on a new restaurant or vendor.”

“Neolane’s advanced email deliverability capabilities were a major advantage over other solutions we considered,” continued Zick. “Deliverability is more important than ever to our clients who will now benefit from Neolane-based recommendations on how to improve email effectiveness through better text to image ratios, for example.”

New Era Tickets is deploying the Neolane enterprise marketing platform in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model, and is taking advantage of its multi-tenant database architecture. Benefits of the multi-tenant database include the ability for FanOne to increase the efficiency of its account management, support and program sharing, and provide customizable, independent client access – meaning that each client has access to its own campaign data and results, and has the ability to cross-analyze data.