Mu Dynamics, Inc. today announced Mu Studio Scale, the first solution to replicate customer usage scenarios for scale testing NGN services including triple play, feature-rich mobile applications and the cloud.

This unique solution saves wired and wireless network equipment vendors, government agencies and service providers months in development time and millions of dollars in production costs by quickly isolating performance and scalability bottlenecks as services are developed and deployed.

Mu’s unique approach to testing allows test cases to be generated from actual service interactions. Mu’s patent-pending Active Service Replication (ASR) technology transforms the actual service interactions into parameterized test scenarios, which allows the testing of applications, services and the application-aware network. With this approach, customers can automatically generate tailor-made test cases replicating the actual mobile application, service and underlying network infrastructure.

“Being able to run scale tests of hundreds of thousands of users using thousands of different applications across many end points allows us to put our sophisticated next-generation firewall through its paces,” said Nir Zuk, founder and CTO of Palo Alto Networks. “Our value-add to our customers is the ability to identify and control applications and content, so being able to quickly replicate the ever-growing set of applications for our testing saves us months of time and significant amounts of resources in bringing our products to market. It also dramatically increases our confidence in the success rate of new deployments as we can identify and fix real-life issues well in advance.”

“The sampling of workloads and playing them back at scale is the only viable way to load test modern cloud infrastructures,” said Chris Anderson, co-founder, Couchio. “In the real world, each deployment is unique which traditionally means when an issue comes up, we either spend time and money duplicating the production load, or, while flying blind, apply optimization patches to live servers. The Mu solution automates this expensive and time consuming process, allowing us to optimize CouchDB against actual workloads, without subjecting real users to untested patches.”

Common scenarios that can now be tested using the Mu solution include:

• Thousands of people making calls on the Android™ or iPhone® mobile platforms

• Migrating mission critical applications to a virtualized environment

• A city-wide rollout of an on-demand video service

• Thousands of support calls into a VoIP call center

• Thousands of users accessing cloud-based voice, data or content delivery applications.

Mu Studio Scale includes the following key capabilities:

•Active Service Replication (ASR), the technology that transforms actual service interactions into parameterized tests scenarios against live servers or application-aware gateways

•Real-time performance monitors that provide insight into how the service or application is behaving at scale to proactively identify bottlenecks

•Integration into the Mu Test Suite which allows the same test scenarios to be leveraged for scale, functional, regression, resilience and security testing.