GRAPEVINE, Texas, /PRNewswire/ -- Advector Systems LLC, announced its product launch plans for a new brand of HVAC zone control that will utilize wireless technology to provide significant reductions in energy bills.

"Due to the devaluation in the housing market, and the general consent that a home is not as safe of an investment as it use to be, home buyers and home owners are becoming more selective about the options and upgrades they feel are necessities," said Shawn Grennan, Advector Systems managing director.

"Consumers are beginning to focus on upgrade options and home improvement projects that will show an immediate standard of living benefit and potential to reduce energy bills."

Advector's new wireless HVAC zoning system addresses these consumer trends by combining home automation technology for increased comfort, and energy efficient programming options to manage airflow and lower heating and cooling costs.

The new system will use wireless remote thermostats to provide room-based temperature control and wireless dampers to deliver airflow only to specified locations. Consumers will be able to control up to 20 zones from a single location and enjoy the low maintenance and enhanced flexibility that wireless systems provide over traditional zoning solutions.

"It is also important to note the benefits that wireless HVAC technology provides builders and contractors," said Boris Medic, Advector Systems Managing Director. "With up to 50% of the next generation of home owners using exclusively wireless technology on a regular basis, it's safe to say that wireless has been proven reliable and well adopted by consumers. Builders and contractors that incorporate wireless options into their plans will differentiate their services and attract more of today's tech-savvy customers."

"You don't turn on a light and then leave the room or leave your car running when it's parked in the garage, but every day you turn on your HVAC system to heat and cool rooms that are not being used. It just does not make sense if your goal is energy savings and cost reduction," said Grennan.

Advector's new zoning system provides increased comfort options and wireless control of conditioned air that will decrease monthly bills by only heating and cooling occupied spaces.