MILPITAS, Calif., /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- JDSU announced its Signaling Analyzer Real Time (SART) solution quickly and successfully validated results from rapidly changing test scenarios during major LTE interoperability trials, the results of which were captured in a white paper recently published about the March, 2010 MultiService Forum (MSF)-sponsored event.

Hosted by Vodafone in Dusseldorf and China Mobile in Beijing, the intense, two-week-long trials tested the interoperability of Evolved Packet Core (EPC) elements from the world's leading network equipment manufacturers (NEMs).

JDSU was the only passive test vendor invited, and, as referenced in the post-event MSF white paper, its tools enabled rapid analysis by providing "uncompromising visibility to all End2End procedures."

"We were encouraged not only by the results of the interoperability trials, but by the fact that a neutral test vendor could deliver such clear, accurate and comprehensive results across all relevant standards," said David Hutton, vice president of the MSF. "This bodes well for the cause of interoperability, which will enable service providers to accelerate the deployment of high-speed, high-volume LTE networks and deliver the quality of service that consumers expect."

JDSU set up in both locations with a multi-user server, which allowed the service providers and multiple NEMs to access the same probing environment in parallel. SART validated test cases in real time, enabling participants to determine at a glance which procedures were occurring, whether they were occurring correctly, and if not, which devices were at fault and why.

The test solution also facilitated quick and easy client reconfigurations, which were achieved by simply copying the changes that test personnel made in a central location with end-to-end visibility. This industry-unique capability significantly increased the event's productivity, allowing participants to quickly change out elements from different vendors. The solution worked for all vendors' devices and all permutations across a series of increasingly complex scenarios implemented both locally and between Dusseldorf and Beijing.

"MSF's selection of JDSU as the only test vendor to monitor end-to-end results reflects a level of industry trust that we have worked hard to achieve," said Tom Smith, senior vice president in JDSU's Communications Test and Measurement business segment. "We vindicated that trust by providing complete, accurate real-time results; by enabling participants to understand what went right or wrong in very complex transactions; and by demonstrating that our knowledge extends deep into the technology we test."