MARLTON, N.J. -- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Test Technology, a leading provider of repair and reverse logistics solutions for companies seeking to receive the best service and highest value from their supply chain, today announced that the time for the wireless industry to recognize greater value and revenues from their supply chains is now.

“By fixing existing wireless assets rather than buying or building new products; executives will pull a profit lever and increase overall operational value and save their organizations millions of dollars year-over-year,” said Linda Austin, Chief Executive Officer for TestTech.

“Companies that tap this unknown revenue stream will also quickly assert themselves as savvy industry leaders, while at the same time increasing revenues and distancing themselves from their competition.”

With wireless communications becoming more and more of an essential part of everyday business, being at the forefront of wireless product refurbishment and redeployment is imperative to maintaining a company’s value chain. Test Tech understands the criticality of effective logistics management when it comes to wireless products and their role in maintaining the highest value across the supply chain and overall organization; and doing so at an affordable cost.

Bill Pollock, industry analyst and president of the Westtown, Pennsylvania-based services consulting firm, Strategies For GrowthSM, cites that "Many leading manufacturers/OEMs are already taking advantage of the opportunities offered by integrating the “three Rs” – namely repair, refurbishing and redeployment – into their product marketing mix.

Due to the current volatile economic climate and the high cost of materials, leading manufacturers/OEMs have found that by providing these after-market services to customers – or by partnering with repair and refurb organizations that have the right mix of capabilities and expertise – they can keep their customers’ organizations up and running more cost-effectively without any degradation in performance.

Most service organizations recognize the real value of the “three Rs” – they’re just looking for the right repair and reverse logistics solution partner to support them."