PALO ALTO, Calif., /PRNewswire/ -- Ozmo Devices, announced today that it started sampling its OZMO2000 chip to select peripheral manufacturers. This is the first Wi-Fi solution to overcome the battery life, cost and compatibility issues that have limited the broad adoption of Wi-Fi for HID (human interface device) applications.

The OZMO2000 is currently available for use in Wi-Fi mouse, keyboard and remote control designs. Furthermore, the solution is compatible with all Wi-Fi-enabled notebooks and desktops that are compatible with Windows 7.

The OZMO2000 solution is the first to take advantage of Windows 7 SoftAP (Software-based Access Point) functionality to attach peripherals to personal computers. SoftAP is built into every version of Windows 7 and allows Wi-Fi devices to connect directly to notebooks without the need for an access point.

"Windows 7 SoftAP functionality is a logo requirement for all Wi-Fi products under Windows 7," said Billy Anders, group program manager for Windows Networking at Microsoft Corp. "Given the nearly 100 percent attach rate of Wi-Fi in notebooks, Ozmo's innovative solution adds new, low-power peripherals to any Windows 7-based notebook without increasing the platform cost. We are excited to see developers like Ozmo take advantage of this innovative Windows 7 feature to improve the customer experience."

Key features and functionality of the OZMO2000 include:

•No Dongle: The OZMO2000 connects seamlessly with the Wi-Fi chip in the notebook.

•Battery Life: The advanced power management features provide a solution battery life that is two to three times longer than legacy wireless solutions like Bluetooth.

•Low Cost: as a System-on-a-Chip (SoC), the OZMO2000 only requires a few external components which results in a cost-effective solution compared to Bluetooth and proprietary 2.4GHz technology.

•Highly Scalable: the OZMO2000 supports up to 24Mbps data rates with very low power consumption. This provides an ideal solution for low data rate applications like mouse and keyboard, as well as for advanced designs with higher data rate requirements like touch features or integrated video and audio.

The OZMO2000 is compatible with Windows 7 SoftAP as well as Intel's MyWi-Fi Technology. Furthermore, the OZMO2000 is designed to be compatible with the upcoming Wi-Fi Direct standard.