Ern Worthman, Technology and Editorial Director

Hello everyone...

If you're surprised to see my column in this publication, it is because I have left my position at RF Design and taken the technological helm as Technology and Editorial Director of Wireless Design & Development and Fiberoptic Product News.

I've been getting a lot of personal emails asking why I've left RF Design. There are several reasons, but basically, the future is much brighter for me here. I will miss working with a periodical that I have been involved with for over ten years. But sometimes, one must make a decision that follows the head, rather than the heart. I'm extremely excited at being on board here and look forward to reconnecting with all of my friends and associates — pass the word!

On the horizon, there are exciting and significant changes coming to WD&D and FPN. I've been tasked to rework these two magazines to better reflect the changes and challenges the wireless and fiber optic industry will be facing. As such I, along with a talented and motivated editorial and sales team, intend to make both periodicals the best that they can be.

The magazines will be more technical in-depth, and ubiquitous in breath. That means that not only will you see more and deeper technological articles, but you'll also find that the magazines, especially WD&D will expand to address the recent proliferation of wireless into adjacent technologies — some of which include the military, security, satellite and aerospace, intelligent transportation systems, embedded systems and automotive, just to mention a few.

WD&D will continue to provide the awesome coverage of new products and product technologies that you are used to seeing. Other expansion will be to add tutorials, technical briefs and application notes. We will be adding in-depth technological pieces on cutting edge technology such as is happening in the 5 GHz unlicensed band. We will provide engineering-level coverage of new technologies such as SiP, wireless 1394, GHz frequency automotive radar and work in the sub-millimeter frequencies.

We will address the fiber optic/wireless integration and the technology behind GHz — frequency components and subsystems such as SiGe/SiGe:C and SoC. We'll present articles and papers on technologies such as GaAs, MMICs and HEMT processes and high-speed ASIC and DSPs as well.

And, we won't forget the basics - land-mobile, cellular, point-to-point/multipoint microwave, LMDS, MMDS, satellite and RADAR (some of these may be tepid now, but it will definitely be a part of the future wireless infrastructure of the future).

This redesign is slated to begin with the January '04 issue. To paraphrase our Group Publisher, Todd Baker, "we're going to rip the band-aid off and go for it." It will be a metamorphosis of the best kind.

I, in that vein, rather than drone on endlessly, will to cut this first column a bit short. I just want to let my readers know that I'm back, and that I'm still the same ol' mildly opinionated technowienie/coffee junkie I always was. I still want to hear from you and still will be doing my "RF in Ern" bit (but with a slight change in the title), and we'll be pushing the magazine to a new level. So, keep sending me your articles, you notes, your opinions and let me know you're out there — an tell your friends where I've landed.