The Internet of Things (IoT) has seen explosive growth over the last few years – a growth fueled by Bluetooth® Smart technology, which developers are integrating into millions of new devices and helping to bring connectivity to everyday objects. 

In fact, ABI Research revealed that half of the Bluetooth enabled devices shipped in 2013 (including mobile devices, wearables, and consumer electronics) used Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready technology, helping to bring Bluetooth Smart to the forefront of this impending IoT revolution.

What's more, a recent study by ON World shows, by 2015, nearly one in five Americans will own some wearable device, due, in no small part, to the appeal that wireless technologies like Bluetooth Smart bring to the consumer masses.

The really exciting part of this growth, however, is the truly untapped potential for wireless technology. Sure, Bluetooth has been around for a decade, but Bluetooth Smart is still a relatively new technology, and innovative use cases are being discovered on a daily basis.

This seemingly infinite array of possibilities for wireless technology, combined with the rapid growth in wearables and the larger IoT market, provides an enormous opportunity for developers, particularly those interested in exploring the potential of Bluetooth Smart.

To assist with this, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG) fostered initiatives to provide training and specialized programs to individual developers wanting to learn the basics of developing hardware or software that utilizes Bluetooth Smart. That interest is the driving force behind the creation of the Bluetooth Innovation Series, a three-city series that brings together industry experts and developers from across the globe for hands-on training to tap the potential of wireless and Bluetooth Smart for wearables, beacons, applications, and accessories.

Through the program, the SIG hopes attendees will walk away with a comprehensive knowledge of creating Bluetooth Smart applications, products, and accessories. However, it's more than just knowledge, the goal is for attendees to leave the event with all the tools needed to begin developing immediately. To get them started, the Bluetooth SIG will provide all paid attendees with Bluetooth development kits to help bring Bluetooth prototypes to life more rapidly.  

The full-day events will take place in three different cities throughout the summer – San Jose, California (5/15), Beijing, China (6/4) and London, UK (6/19). The first event in San Jose features speakers from the SIG, as well as global, reputed companies including Nordic Semiconductor, CSR, and Frontline Test Equipment. Attendees will learn everything from "Building Apps on Your Hardware" to "Testing & Tuning Your Appcessories" to "Taking Your Bluetooth Device to Market."

While the event is geared toward new Bluetooth developers, education never ends, and the Bluetooth Innovation Series offers relevant content for anyone interested in Bluetooth Smart technology, regardless of experience. So whether you are a practiced developer or a newcomer, put the Bluetooth Innovation Series on your calendar, and learn how to extend your development skills into the wireless world that is Bluetooth Smart.

Register for the Bluetooth Innovation Series event in San Jose on 15 May 2014