Being that the PD&D offices are in Madison, WI, it would only be assumed that I, along with my colleagues, would venture to the grand International CES event in Las Vegas through the air. Unfortunately, due to the many flight cancellations associated with the bitter cold snapping through, well, everywhere, I found myself stranded in Denver, CO.

After far too many cans of Diet Coke, a couple wrong turns in the Rockies, and a 12-hour drive (see chariot below), I have finally arrived at International CES.

Now that I've reached my hotel (and coming down from a 22-hour travel experience) what does the show have in store for attendees in 2014? What will be the most intriguing unveilings? Here are four predictions.

  1. An influx of smaller wearable devices that nobody really needs. Don’t get me wrong, playing James Bond while you talk on the phone on your wrist is something I want to experience, but the market for such a device is minimal, as are its uses. Though, the less consumer, more technical components that will be unveiled thanks to these devices are sure to keep the medical, wireless, and power conservation industries interested.
  2. LG has unveiled some of its bendy, contortionist devices… like a TV and a phone. Again, intriguing tech and design, but conceptual OLED designs that begs the question: Why?
  3. The tablet is replacing the laptop. Well, duh. In this editor’s opinion, laptops will always have a place, but tablets are making their ever-growing presence more apparent. Even Polaroid is unveiling a new tablet. Wait, Polaroid is still around?
  4. In all honesty, CES is such a large event that it is nearly impossible to pick through the interesting tidbits before they even occur. With that said, NVIDIA will be presenting, as well as others with an interest in the chipset market. As I said earlier, some of the coolest stuff will be the tech behind the “consumer element.” Watch for some intriguing system-on-a-chip unveilings ... I hope.

Yeah, look at that hoss. Lot of empty Diet Coke cans in that Mazda 3. She handled those mountains like a champ. Photo: Chris Fox

PD&D Managing Editor Chris Fox will be covering International CES 2014 all week. Follow him @ChrisFoxPDD for constant show updates and new product launches.