ECN Technical Editor Jason Lomberg is weird, strange, *and* unique. Yikes! Avert your eyes!

Every trade show has these — the oddball products, tech demos, and general weirdness that accompanies any large gathering of people vying for your attention. Sometimes, the exhibits exude innovation and leave a positive lasting impression on all who beheld its splendor. And sometimes they're just ... odd. The following is the weirdest, strangest, and otherwise unique products I saw at CES 2014.

I suppose CES isn't entirely about home entertainment. Still ... this felt strangely out of place.

The Toyota i-ROAD concept vehicle, which leans into turns like a motorcycle.

The requisite underwater tech shot. Haven’t been to a single trade show without one.

Playing with a little augmented reality at Sony’s booth.

It looks like a normal basketball, but the 94Fifty Smart Basketball from Infomotion Sports Technologies provides real-time feedback on your game (or lack thereof).

Bonus – a second underwater tech shot!

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