Three-Day IEEE ComSoc training course to focus on wireless communications engineering: current practices at IEEE GLOBECOM 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia

From 9 – 11 December at IEEE GLOBECOM 2013 in Atlanta, Georgia, I will have the opportunity to teach the Intensive Course on Wireless Communications Engineering: Current Practices as part of the ongoing program introduced by the IEEE Communications Society to enhance the real-world skills of industry professionals worldwide. Held both in-person at and broadcast online for global participants, this intensive, 20-hour session taught over three days covers the key wireless technologies behind today’s cellular network, wireless LANs and the other short and long range wireless networking technologies that are changing our world. 

Specifically-developed to help professionals achieve the IEEE Wireless Communication Engineering Technologies (IEEE WCET®) credential as well as gain a much better understanding of key growth areas such as RF engineering, propagation, and antennas; access technologies; network and service architectures; network management and security; facilities infrastructure; agreements, standards, policies, and regulations; and fundamental knowledge, this course is full of valuable information for anyone working in the industry today.

Throughout these days at IEEE GLOBECOM 2013, we will explore each of these disciplines and the ways they currently intertwine in today’s ever-expanding global wireless landscape. Each time I teach this class it is interesting how the session develops a personality of its own and molds itself to the many interests, aspirations and backgrounds of the professionals involved from around the world. In the past, students have participated both online and in-person to learn more about neighboring fields, gain a refresher in areas where they are not currently active as well as prepare for the next career step after acquiring the IEEE WCET certification. 

Our greatest satisfaction is helping these individuals to achieve success and gain the added expertise needed to take advantage of new opportunities as they arise. Feedback is one of our greatest allies. Although the course may have the same title, each new session is taught live with current event examples and fresh participant questions to create a unique learning experience.

In the coming months, IEEE ComSoc will also announce several new educational programs dealing with the latest paradigms for wireless traffic growth and management as well as next generation M2M advances surrounding energy and power efficiency, big data and end-to-end virtualization. Additional courses are already available, which highlight the fundamental details and advanced applications in key growth areas such as LTE, VoLTE, self-organizing networks (SON) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications.

Hopefully, we will have the opportunity to either meet online or in-person at IEEE GLOBECOM 2013 in Atlanta as we explore the current practices in Wireless Communications Engineering.  For more information on the entire IEEE ComSoc Training course schedule, including pricing and registration, please visit or contact Marilyn Catis at The next IEEE WCET examination, which is achieving worldwide recognition as an internationally-accepted certification for wireless expertise, will be held at international testing sites from 17 March to 12 April 2014. Registration guidelines can be found at visit

Additional details on IEEE GLOBECOM 2013 including the conference’s complete comprehensive program can also be found at Themed the “Power of Global Communications, this premier international conference devoted to driving innovations and technological breakthroughs in nearly every telecommunications field will hold its 56th annual event from 9 – 13 December 2013 at the Atlanta Hilton and Towers in Atlanta, Georgia. For five full days, thousands of industry experts, scientists, academics and government officials are expected to attend more than 1,500 presentations latest advancements in broadband, wireless, multimedia, Internet, image, and voice communications.

About the Author

Lee Vishloff has over 30 years of experience in wireless and telecom design.  He has spent the majority of his career managing teams and providing technical leadership for various industries including wireless, satellite, telecom, semiconductors, consulting and fiber optics. He can be reached at