From 3 – 7 December, IEEE GLOBECOM 2012, the premier international conference dedicated to the advancement of communications technologies worldwide, will hold its 55th annual event at the fabled Disneyland Hotel located at the heart of the Downtown Disney District and moments from the Disneyland theme and Adventure Parks in Anaheim, California.

Sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society (ComSoc), IEEE GLOBECOM is dedicated to driving innovations in nearly every telecommunications field including broadband, wireless, multimedia, data, image and voice communications.

During the course of this five-day international symposium, I will have the honor of participating in two highly-anticipated sessions focused on the next wave of Internet and IPv6 deployments. As the chair of the IPv6 FORUM @ GLOBECOM 2012, this will include discussing the IPv4 address crunch, its impact on IoT and the open standards needed for its scalability as well as IPv6 and its advanced IETF developments. The esteemed colleagues participating in this event will be

  • Dr. Vint Cerf, the celebrated computer scientist most commonly known as one of "fathers of the Internet, “ who will address “The Futures in Communication”.
  • Geoff Mulligan, IPSO Chairman, ISPO Alliance, USA, who will highlight "The Role and Application Scenarios of IPv6 in M2M & Internet of Things”.
  • John Jason Brzozowski, Chief Architect, IPv6 and Distinguished Engineer at Comcast Cable, USA, who will explore the "Impact of IPv6 on Consumer Electronics and the Creation of the CE Program for CEA”.
  • Dr. Jorge Pereira, Principal Scientific Officer, DG CONNECT, European Commission, who will talk about "The Critical Role of Experimentation”.

Later that day, I will then join Felix Davis, Product Line Manager, Connected Energy Group, Cisco, USA, Ron Broersma, member of the U.S. Federal IPv6 Task Force & Chief Engineer at the U.S. Defence Research & Engineering Network (DREN) and Sebastien Ziegler, President of Mandat International Switzerland during the Smart Enterprise Forum to highlight the “Next Generation Internet. After a brief introduction from the chair Yacine Ghamri-Doudane, PhD, Chair, TCIIN, Associate Professor at ENSIIE & Université Paris-Est (LIGM) detailing the “Impact on Enterprise Networking when deploying Internet of Things, Smart Grid and Cloud Computing based on IPv6,” each panelist will discuss subjects like how the Internet community has mistakenly focused on the IPv4 address depletion, while forgetting to confront IPv6 adoption issues. This includes discussions of how the:

  • Dual-stack” transition is the only viable option for ensuring the “secure integration” of IPv6.
  • Transition to IPv6 has to be done in the first phase to sustain not only technology parity between IPv4 features, but also business models parity.
  • Current deployment of IPv6 should utilize new management tools designed to cater to IPv6 features and not just mimic IPv4 and NAT, while the second phase should deploy built-in functionalities (multicast, mobility, end to end...).
  • IPv6 upgrade costs IPv6 will starkly rise for those that have not taken the early steps toward deployment.
  • Global business environment will lose competitiveness if its networks are not upgraded to accommodate new innovations sparked by IPv6 end to end connectivity and end to end business models.

Please feel free to register for IEEE GLOBECOM 2012 for access to these exciting, informational sessions as well as the more than 1,500 separate business and technical presentations from some of the world’s leading communications experts and researchers. For more information on GLOBECOM 2012, please visit or feel free to contact Heather Ann Sweeney of IEEE ComSoc at  All website visitors are also invited to network with colleagues and peers, share their professional experiences, or address GLOBECOM 2012 issues through the conference’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter pages.