By Janine E. Mooney, Editor

For some, the shower is a sacred place to escape the world for a while and wash all your worries away. For others, the shower is a necessity – an in-and-out in five minutes type deal. Either way, you might get some use – or just a kick – out of some of these shower gadgets and accessories.


iShower (youShower, weallShower......hopefully)

Cough up $99.99 for this water-resistant, Bluetooth-enabled device for some bathtub sing-alongs. Mount it to your shower wall and get jiggy, or easily detach and bring it with you to the beach to play some jams for your friends. The iShower can support up to five users, and stream music from any number of apps. The Bluetooth works up to 200 feet away, so you can listen to the music on your smartphone or tablet without getting it wet. iShower works with iOS and Android smartphones, as well as the iPad.


Temperature Controlled LED Shower Light

When you’re half-asleep in the morning - or running late - it’s all too easy to step head-first into either a scalding hot or freezing cold shower. In order to avoid that kind of day-ruining mishap, install this $40 LED Shower Light. The concept is simple: It shines red when the water temperature rises above 89 degrees Fahrenheit (blue when the temp is just right). No matter how bleary-eyed you are, you won’t miss it. The Shower Light easily fits onto most standard shower heads. And, a little nerdy nugget, the LEDs are powered by the water flowing through the shower head. The water pressure builds up energy by passing through small turbines contained within. Pretty cool!


The Social Shower Curtain (No, this is not a joke)

Your favorite social network offers another type of privacy! This Facebook Shower Curtain has a transparent square in the screen that lets you create a profile image while you suds up. No drama, no “complicated status.” Just good ol’ bathtub jokes and tagged photos with the shower head.


The Horizontal Shower (I wish I was joking this time)

For some of you, good morning is a contradiction of terms - and so we present you with the Horizontal Shower. This development may have you changing your tune. The day-improving invention allows you to roll out of bed and stay in the same comfortable position while you wash the sleep away. It was unveiled by Dornbracht at a recent trade show in Switzerland and features an array of showerheads that have a whole load of fancy programs to make you feel attacked or subdued by your shower bed. It's not available for normals like you and I to buy just yet but as soon as it is, you can reach me in my shower - please leave a detailed message.

What do you think? Have we gone too far with tech in the shower, or are you running out to pick up your favorite accessory? Email me your thoughts!



October 17, 2012