Session Expanded to Two Days for the First Time Due to Record Number of Submissions & Presentations

By Tarik Taleb, Senior Researcher & Mobile Telecom Standards Expert, NEC EuropeLtd., Germany

The International Conference on Communications (ICC 2012) commenced its latest, successful premier event on Sunday, June 10 in Ottawa, Ontario with the highly-anticipated “Workshop on Telecommunications: From Research to Standards.” Due to the record number of submissions, this international forum was expanded to two full days, Sunday through Monday, for the first time to accommodate three keynotes, one panel and 30 technical presentations designed specifically to “bridge the gap” between researchers, scientists, and telecommunications standards experts.

Developed to make both academia and industry more aware of each other’s challenges, I had the personal honor of co-chairing this forum, which Dr. Shigeyuki Akiba, of KDDI R&D Labs Inc. and Tokyo Institute of Technology, opened with his keynote on the “Era of Multi-Networks, Multi-Services & Many Standards.” During his remarks, Dr. Shigeyuki addressed the high reliability and security issues involved with expanding human-to-human and M2M services to the seven billion people, who are already using nearly seven trillion communications devices and sensors. Among his recommendations for continuing this evolution of converged services offering increasingly higher bit rates, advanced cellular systems and expanded broadband access beyond 3D was the greater development of standard excellent technologies supported by extensive validation and backward compatibility in realistic scenarios.

Afterwards, Dr. Andrew Eckford of York University in Toronto and Dr. Stephen Bush of GE Global Research addressed “Standards and innovation in emerging technologies: Why industry and academia need each other?”  Dr. Bush began the talk by urging the rethinking of standards and the role they can serve in overcoming the “thin film of separation between industry and academia” in addition to the creation of more effective procedures, processes, services and ideas. He suggested approaching innovation as entrepreneurs with an eye towards “applying standards that go from mountains of papers to industry and rapidly into products.”

Sharing the session with Dr. Bush was then Dr. Eckford, who spoke on “Standards & Innovation in Emerging Technology.” Citing the large-scale interdisciplinary efforts of the IEEE 1906.1 Working Group on Nanonetworking Standardization Activities, he stressed the need to “look for inspiration from nature” and collaborate across all fields to eliminate rivalries and develop serious concepts that reduce investment risks. In the case of nanotechnology, this includes the use of microscopic devices that communicate on an electro-magnetic level to collectively attack cancerous tumors or even repair damaged ligaments.

Following a day that also included numerous technical presentations on topics relating to different standards, the workshop then started anew on Monday morning with the address of Dr. Alexander D. Gelman, CTO of the NETovations Consulting Group. During his talk on “Emerging Ecosystem for Leveraging Industrial and Academic Research in IEEE Standards and Standards-Related Activities,” Dr. Gelman highlighted IEEE ComSoc’s extensive standards sponsorship experience, the organization’s track record in leveraging technical activities and its management of intellectual property for use by both industry and academia. On Monday, another significant event highlight was the four-person panel exploring “How Can Industry & Academia Collaborate on the Shape of Standards?”

With the conference’s success now behind us, planning has already begun for the next workshop on telecommunications standards and research, which will be held during IEEE ICC 2013 scheduled from June 9 - 13 in Budapest, Hungary. Recognizing the importance of the topic and with every hope to further bridge the gap between researchers in academia and telecommunications standards experts, I am also organizing a follow-up Feature Topic issue on Research to Standards in the IEEE Communications Magazine.

Please feel free to visit or for “call for papers” guidelines, session information and ongoing event updates. Hope to see you there.


July 5, 2012