With the Fourth of July coming up, leave the boring burger buns and charred dogs from your ho-hum holiday celebration and “wow” your audience by adding some seriously fun new outdoor gadgets to your BBQ repertoire this grilling season.

Remote Control Beverage Buggy ($59.95)

As the Grill Master, it can be difficult to wait on guests while preparing the meal, but the Radio Control Beverage Buggy ensures that your guests are waited on hand-and-wheel. This small four-wheeled remote-control dune buggy operates just as any remote-control motion device would, but its aim is to quench thirst. The buggy has two cup holder spaces, equipped to hold cups, cans and bottles with a 1:12 scale. The Radio Control Beverage Buggy is controlled by a wireless remote, and can move left, right, forward and backward to reach any guest that may need a refill. The remote requires one 9-volt battery, while the buggy runs on four AA batteries. This fun-loving, thirst-quenching butler of a vehicle, measures 13” x 7 ¾” x 6 ½.”

Motorized Hot Dog Griller ($55.95)

The Motorized Hot Dog Griller brings hot dogs back to the forefront of BBQ gatherings. This motorized rotisserie cooker easily sits atop any grill grate and ensures that your hot dogs are grilled perfectly every time. The rotisserie includes a built-in electric motor that continuously turns hot dogs- no more forgetting to turn the dogs, risking cold spots, burn marks or wasted meat. The Motorized Hot Dog Griller also frees up space on the grill for other items. It offers an 8 ½ x 12 ½ cooking surface, and fits on just about any grill top. It is easy to set up and clean, keeps from contamination and infection during grilling, and can also cook sausage, bratwurst and more.

Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush ($29.95)

Cleaning the grill is never easy, and scraping the stuck-on stuff from the grate can prove to be a sticky task. The Motorized Grill Cleaning Brush has brought power to this process. This gadget looks like any other grill brush, but is powered by a heavy duty motor and cleans grills with ease. It uses push-button spray steam cleaning to break down grime and soften tough residue left from the meal. The dual brass-bristle brushes cover more grilling surface area than a regular grill brush, and they are easy to remove and clean. Just place eight AA batteries into the full-sized well balanced handle, press the button to release the steam and wipe grime from your grill without scrubbing or the use of chemicals.

60 Second Charcoal Starter ($79.95)

The 60 Second Charcoal Starter ignites charcoal without the use of lighter fluid, gets you grilling in five minutes, and keeps grilling all day-and night-long. Its hand-held device plugs into any standard wall outlet, and uses heat-focused technology to emit hot air at 1, 290 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply place the metal tip into charcoal and hold down button until the charcoal sparks. Remove the tip from coals, but continue to point the device at the charcoal for sixty seconds for a precise, constant flow of heat. The handle is cool to touch, and comes with an integrated stand for added safety. The starter also works with wood chips and on wood burning fire places.

Kettle Pizza ($219.95)

The Kettle Pizza turns any 225 in. kettle grill into a brick-oven style pizza making machine. The Kettle Pizza perfectly cooks homemade pizza atop your grill surface without over-cooking the crust and leaving toppings undercooked like traditional grills. The insert is made of a 20 gauge stainless-steel sleeve that fits between your kettle grill bottom and top creating a cooking chamber that generates all-around heat upwards of 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This intense heatstarts in the rear of the kettle grill base and flows up the back of the pizza insert. Heat flows over pizza and then exits out from the front to perfectly cook toppings. Like a traditional brick oven, there is no door, and the heat remains constant within the Kettle Pizza. The Kettle Pizza measures 22.5in. x 22 in. x 8in. and weights only 7lbs. It comes equipped with a 14 in. pro pizza pan, can be installed in minutes and takes only ten minutes to cook each pie. It can also be used as a skillet to cook fish, meat and vegetables.

Master Built Electric Smokehouse ($349.99-$449.99)

The Master Built Electric Smokehouse takes you from a grilling master to a meat master with this portable, outdoor meat smoker. The smokehouse is available in 40 in. and 30 in., equipped with built-in wheels and handle for easy moving, a viewing window and internal light. The RF remote controls temperature, time, internal light, on/off, monitoring time, smoker temperature and meat temperature all from your seat at the head of the table. The thermostat controlled temperature makes sure your meat is cooked to personal perfection, and the adjustable air damper can increase/decrease smoke level to achieve peak smoky flavor. The Master Built Electric Smokehouse has four chrome-coated smoking racks for more than two cubic feet of smoking space, convenient side wood-chip loader, and removable drip pan and rear-mounted grease pan for easy clean up. The removable water pan lets you add sauces, liquids and vinegars to add any flavor and moisture to the meat. This portable smoke house makes slow smoking meat as easy as grilling- and instantly adds BBQ flare to any outdoor party.





July 2, 2012