Charity and fitness organizations join together each year to raise millions of dollars, reach millions of walkers, runners and bikers and connect people working toward a common goal.

Relay-for-life, an organization that raises money for the American Cancer Society, makes donating easy by hosting events across the United States.

But what if it was even easier to work out, raise money and share your experience with those around you?

How about raising money while on your morning run? Or helping children around the world while playing on a volunteer softball team?

Fitness-based fundraising applications help millions take their charity ventures on-the-go. With applications such as Charity Miles, Striiv Pedometer and Plus 3 Mobile, members can donate to their favorite charities while performing daily, and not-so-daily activities. Fitness-based fundraising applications offer members the choice to pick the activity, length of time spent on each activity and the cause to which they may donate. Not only do these applications make donating mileage to charity accessible, - they make it personal. Each of these three fitness-based fundraising applications offers distinct benefits to the consumer/donor, but all are convenient and easy-to-use.

Charity Miles, created by Gene Gurkoff, a former Corporate Lawyer, is a free Android and Apple iPhone application. Charity Miles allows the user to download and install this free application to earn money for charities with pure mileage. It’s GPS enabled application lets users track, time, mileage and impact by walking/running ($0.25 per mile) and biking ($0.10 per mile). Participants must share their experience on social media sites Facebook and Twitter in order for charities to receive donations. This ensures that Charity Miles is keeping with the teamwork associated within charity events, such as Relay for Life. There are nine charities on Charity Mile’s current charity platform: Autism Speaks, Feeding America, Habitat for Humanity and The Michael J. Fox Foundation, the charity organization that sparked Gurkoff’s interest in making donating to charity easier. At the moment, Charity Miles is self-funding the first $1million sponsorship pool. Gurkoff hopes the app will gain athletes’ support, which in turn will bring corporate sponsorship and funding for Charity Miles.

Striiv Pedometer available for purchase at $99.95, is a portable device that motivates users to walk and move. The Striiv movement focuses on busy, working men and women that may not have the time to make it to the gym each day. Striiv Pedometer allows members to set personal goals and challenges for each day. The device motivates activity and weight loss by promoting walking, running and movement up staircases rather than more traditionally-strenuous cardio. Plus, it comes with the Walkathon Application, which counts your daily steps and donates money to charity based on your movement. Simply “walk, earn and plug into your PC to donate.” Striiv Pedometer’s Walkathon Application donates to charities like “Conserving 250,000 Acres of Tanzanian Rainforest”, “Safe Drinking Water for 40 Schools in Bolivia” and “End Polio Now”. Striiv Pedometer’s features include a touch screen display with 320x240 pixel resolution, a 500 MHz Dual Core Processor, Vector Graphics Support and 3 Axis Accelerometer. It’s perfect if you’re looking to get more out of your daily routine- and raise money for charity at the same time.

Plug3 Network is an online organization that connects each donor with a personal sponsor, allows him to pick the charity of his choice, and engage in any number of activities, all which will raise money for the chosen charity. Users can become a member of the free site, log healthy activities for personal rewards, enter competitions and make money for non-profit organizations.Plug3 Network connects social media and philanthropy by asking that each member post pictures of himself performing these donation-worthy activities, and adds a list of each activity, sponsor, charity and money raised per member. The Plug3 Network’s sponsors range from NICA to Jansport, and causes range from Meals on Wheels to the American Heart Association. Members can earn money for charities by biking, running and walking, but they can also raise donations by kayaking, stretching, dancing and surfing- to name a few. But Plug3 Network also offers donations via group activities ranging from squash, to roller derby, to wheelchair sports activity. Even physical labor and volunteer time count as donation-worthy efforts, and will raise money for your chosen charity. Plug3 Network has brought the Fitness-based application movement to new distances, connecting “People, Health, and Philanthropy.”


June 18, 2012