Tired of fumbling around for keys in your handbag?

Do your pants pockets sound out the tune to jingle bells with each step?

It’s time to ditch those tacky key chains.


What it is: the EC Key, available in two models: the EK2 and EK3, is a wireless locking system that instantly turns your Bluetooth-enabled device into a key.

Here’s how it works: an EC Key specialist installs a Bluetooth unit next to the lock, which can be either electronic, magnetic, strikes or bolts. Then you register your smart phone or other Bluetooth-enabled device with EC Key. Your device is paired with the EC Key control unit as easily as it would be paired with a Bluetooth headset. The registration process depends on the device in use, but usually can be purchased or downloaded as an application from either a personal PC or right onto the device itself.

Once registered, the EC Key will detect your device once it comes within the adjustable range – between three and 30 feet. In order to ensure that your device will be detected by the EC Key, adjust the Bluetooth Settings to accommodate Discovery Mode. This not only allows EC Key to detect your device, but it allows you to monitor all other devices that are currently using your PIN to access the EC Key.

When EC Key has detected your device’s presence, you may receive a message requesting your PIN number for authentication and upon confirmation, unlock the door (or perform any of the other available features). Alternatively you can “lock in” your PIN number, and upon detection, EC Key will automatically unlock your door and then lock your door once you have stepped outside of the determined range, whether your device is you hand, pocket, or handbag. Feel free to continue that chat with your mother-in-law, and walk right inside.

But the EC Key is not only for your front door; it can be used to open the garage, unlock your car door, and even disable your alarm systems. Even further, EC Key can be utilized for commercial purposes and within businesses. The Bluetooth system can replace office card swipes, building access systems, tolling for cars, and fleet management- to name a few.

With each new EC Key Bluetooth unit installation, the Bluetooth Discovery system will automatically recognize and register the new lock or security system.. each EC Key remains secure based on the unique Bluetooth identifying number your Bluetooth-enabled device already has. Both the EC Key and the device in use can be hidden from others using 128-bit encryption or rolling codes.

Skipping town for Hawaii and need a neighbor to walk the dog? No problem: one EC Key unit can be registered onto an unlimited number of devices for single, timed, or permanent uses. For single use, you may loan an EC Key to another device, and once this device has been used to gain access into the door in question it will no longer be granted this access. Timed uses of EC Key work in a similar manner, but the holder of the personal PIN number may allot specified time constraints that each key holder must adhere to. For long-term and permanent uses, simply register EC Key onto as many Bluetooth-enabled devices as you desire, and revoke the registration once the key is no longer needed. For home owners, the EC Key allows every family member access into the home. For employers, the EC Key allows employees access into the specified office building.

Ever lost a key before? How about locking your car keys inside the trunk?

With EC Key you can remain worry-free; if you lose or break the device you normally use, for instance your smart phone, simply register another device and gain access into your home, garage or car. The PIN number ensures that your locks remain secure, but also allows you to use any Bluetooth-enabled device in order to lock/unlock doors, gates and enable/disable alarm systems. EC Key was a finalist in the 2009 IFSEC Security Industry Awards, winner of the 2009 NPS Best in Access Control award and winner of the 2010 NPS Best in Wireless award.



June 11, 2012