By Lori Sylvia, EVP Marketing, Red Bend
With the tremendous power of smartphones, and the increasing amount of information that can be stored on them, lost and stolen devices have become one of the biggest threats to consumer privacy and to Enterprise security. Think about it. A lost smartphone isn't just an inconvenience, it opens the door to email accounts, banking apps or any saved site or app linked to a credit card. That's why NTT DOCOMO partnered with Red Bend to create a solution.
Red Bend and NTT DOCOMO have jointly developed and recently released a product that address the risk of lost smartphones. The initiative demonstrates the versatility of Red Bend’s vDirect Mobile® software in managing wireless devices over-the-air.
The Omakase remote lock application uses vDirect Mobile device management software to provide peace of mind by halting access to this sensitive information. If someone loses an Omakase-equipped Android smartphone, he or she can prevent unauthorized access simply by contacting DOCOMO and having the device remotely locked. vDirect Mobile is a critical enabler of the lock service, as the software provides a standards-based way to efficiently and reliably manage mobile devices OTA, including activating the lock function.
vDirect Mobile is used by more than 60 mobile companies, some of which use the software to support lock functionality. DOCOMO is the first operator to work with Red Bend to develop the actual user application for the lock service. With more than 60 million subscribers, DOCOMO is Japan’s leading mobile operator. More than half of DOCOMO’s new models are smartphones, making the new application a very relevant service.
Lock is one of those services where its value isn’t realized until a phone is lost, but the need for such “insurance” is clear. Recent studies show the increasing security risks. Research sponsored by McAfee showed that nearly 5% of all smartphones used for work are lost in the U.S. each year and research by the Japan Network Security Association showed that 6.4% of mobile phones are lost or stolen each year in Japan. If you believe these smartphones are being found only by honest people, think again. A recent Symantec test discovered that 95% of people who found a lost smartphone tried to access sensitive data, such as online banking or email.
The importance of security solutions like remote lock will continue to grow, especially when considering the increasing BYOD trend.

May 11, 2012