Summer is right around the corner. This means vacations, trips to the beach, and high temperatures. For myself, I’ve invested in a floppy straw sun hat to keep my body at a cool temperature, but what about my black, heat-absorbing cellphone?

Cellphones have components for thermal management, such as heat sinks and special heat-sinking material, known as pyrolytic graphite sheets (PGS). The sheet is applied between the heat sink and the heat source. The PGS helps spread the heat, making it more manageable.

But what about heat coming from the outside in? Check out these cool products you can use in order to protect your cellphone from the blazing sun and heat!

iPhone 4S Defender Series Case - $49.99

Good thing we've got a Defender Series for iPhone 4S ready to keep “Siri” safe. This rugged case provides heavy duty protection from rough treatment in the worst environments. Ensure your iPhone is sheltered from the elements with three layers of protection – a clear protective membrane on touch screen, high-quality polycarbonate shell, and a durable silicone skin. This case guards against water, heat, dust, dirt, oh – and filthy fingers. Did we mention a belt clip holster is included?


CleverWraps - $9.99

CleverWraps clear, disposable protective sleeves shield your phone from water, sand, dirt, grease and more! Just slip your device in CleverWraps, zip and tape for protection and a custom fit. You can still dial, talk, text, use your touch screen and listen to your tunes!


Speedo Phone Case - $19.99

This bright pink and purple neoprene cell phone holder with belt loop is perfect for medium and large phones. It protects against sun, moisture and heat, making it a great case for every day of the year.


April 19, 2012