Darren McQueenby Darren McQueen, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, Wireless Private Broadband and IDEN Products and Solutions, Motorola Solutions

Within the last 10 years, the proliferation of wireless technology has allowed people to connect with each other, anywhere, anytime. In the United States alone, 50 percent of Americans own a smartphone, 250 million people consume social media on a mobile device, and 150 billion text messages are sent every month. In 2018, it’s expected that 80 percent of Americans will have mobile broadband access.

Today, public safety professionals must also adapt to the demands of a highly connected world. Broadband communications driven by LTE have the power to change the game for public safety. Connectivity, improved device compatibility and real-time access to information also mean better situational awareness for first responders and ultimately, better protection of citizens and property.

As criminals become more sophisticated than ever before with new methods to plan, execute and synchronize their actions, law enforcement agencies must combat crime while dealing with decreased resources and personnel. As public safety begins the process of building their own Nationwide Network, there will be a need for devices that can empower the first responder and provide the information necessary to help them do their jobs better, faster and smarter. The law enforcement community will need tools that help fight crime, share intelligence securely and efficiently and enable increased field productivity. Additionally, interoperability, handheld form factor, ruggedness and the ability for the device to withstand a full 10 hour shift and if necessary, the ability to hot swap the battery are of utmost importance. These features, along with many others, allow officers to feel comfortable and confident with a device that they can count on – in any situation.

At Motorola Solutions, we see the immediate need for public safety to evolve beyond the capabilities of criminals. We raised the bar in public safety communications by creating an LTE experience where information becomes intelligence. This is where public safety is headed, and at Motorola Solutions, we are driving this trend. Through our infrastructure and advanced wireless broadband applications, devices and the next generation patrol car, we are pioneering a whole new category of crime-fighting solutions, enabling public safety personnel to reap the benefits of an LTE experience.

At IWCE 2012, we launched the LEX 700 mission critical handheld. Designed for the first responder as a virtual partner, helping them monitor the environment, gather information, communicate and be more aware. It will also deliver “street ready” data and offer intuitive multimedia applications that increase situational awareness, enhance tactical collaboration, and enable better in-field productivity. The device has the ability to leverage both the US Public Safety private network in addition to our Alliance partners LTE as well as their CDMA voice and data networks so there is seamless connectivity throughout his or hers shift.. It’s designed to help officer’s counteract the element of surprise by being more informed with the data they need to be successful and safe on the job.

Lawbreakers will only continue to get savvier and it’s vital the law enforcement community is prepared to react more quickly and handle the unexpected when it occurs. With the addition of the LEX 700, officers can utilize applications to get their jobs done at the scene – everything from filing incident reports, to recording citations, to verifying identities. This not only cuts down on paperwork, but it allows officers to have all of the information they need to react more quickly and help improve productivity. First responders will feel safer moving into a situation by knowing their device will provide them with the information and connectivity they need – anytime or anywhere.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

March 5, 2012