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In this podcast we talk to Stephen G. Canton, Chairman and CEO of  iCore Networks  about the benefits of Voice over Private Internet (VoPI) and disaster recovery tools. iCore is a managed networking and VoPIcompany who recently met the challenge of maintaining service in the wake of the Mid-Atlantic 5.9 Earthquake. Although, no major infrastructures were damaged bythe earthquake, the heaviest strain came from the increased call volumefrom cell phones and landline customers.

Here is a link to the podcast in case the playback button is unresponsive: iCore Interview

Here is a press release on the earthquake and the company's actions:

iCore Maintains Network Reliability During Mid-Atlantic 5.9 Earthquake
Fully redundant disaster recovery tools protect over 55,000 users from
voice and data disruptions

At approximately 1:51 PM on Tuesday, August 23, 2011, an earthquake struck
the Washington, D.C. Metro Region. With a magnitude of 5.9, the earthquake
impacted cities as far as Chicago and Boston.
Although, no major infrastructures were damaged by
the earthquake, the heaviest strain came from the increased call volume
from cell phones and landline customers. Many experienced connection
problems after Tuesday's earthquake, due in part to the overload on the
LEC facilities. In fact, according to the Associated Press, "Verizon
Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile representatives said their networks
were congested as the quake sent people scrambling for their phones."
iCore Networks, the D.C. metro area's leading provider of Voice over
Private Internet (VoPI) services, reports today that its 55,000+ users
in the Mid-Atlantic region customers in the Washington D.C. metropolitan
area were unscathed by the impact caused by the earthquake and were able
to successfully communicate with customers, friends, and family. The
voice network remained up and stable and all internal systems and
security remained operational.
"iCore's service is equipped with a contingency and disaster recovery
plan built in," said iCore's Chairman and CEO, Stephen G. Canton. "iCore
takes these unforeseen circumstances seriously and our mission is to
keep the network, and our customers, up and running at all times."
iCore's typical customer installation includes enhanced disaster
prevention and recovery system consisting of a primary private circuit
connected to one of the two geographically redundant and technologically
mirrored Network Access Centers (NACs), with a managed backup circuit
hosted by an additional NAC; both of which are equipped with primary and
backup data servers. The upgraded hardware, advanced software and true
geographic data center redundancy enables iCore to prepare its customers
for the worst by making a detailed disaster recovery plan available to
every customer.
About iCore Networks
iCore is a managed networking and Voice over Private Internet (VoPI)
company named number 29 on the Inc.500 list of the nation's
fastest-growing private companies. iCore offers businesses a cost
effective, simple solution to their voice and data needs. Unlike VoIP,
VoPI provides a managed, secure, hosted, end-to-end voice and data
system that provides businesses Fortune 500 features at a savings over
their current voice and data providers. iCore backs those capabilities
with the most customer-oriented employees in the industry; unprecedented
reliability and disaster recovery tools; and world-class employee
support and training. For more information about iCore Networks, please