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Mauro ArigossiIn today's podcast we talk to Alfamation CEO Mauro Arigossi about testing the latest devices and test products and solutions for the automotive, consumer electronics, telecom and medical industries. Alfamation challenges the traditional approach to functional test with technology innovations that address the test needs of continually changing markets. They recently released SuperNova, a visual, configuration-based development environment for automated test built on National Instruments TestStand test management software. 

Here is a link to the podcast in case the play button is not visible: Alfamation Interview

Here is a link to a paper on the SuperNova environment: SuperNova Paper

Here is a link to a presentation on the SuperNova environment: SuperNova Presentation

Here is a recent release from the company:

 Alfamation today released SuperNova, a visual, configuration-based development environment for automated test built on National Instruments TestStand test management software. With this new, fully integrated test application framework, engineers can quickly and easily create and manage test applications from development to deployment in the electronic manufacturing test environment.

With its graphical user interface and workflow mapping, Alfamation SuperNova offers test engineers more efficient application development, while leveraging the proven functionality and performance of NI TestStand.

"We are excited to see the continued growth of NI TestStand partner products with the introduction of SuperNova," said Santiago Delgado, Product Manager at National Instruments. "As devices, and the systems needed to test them, continue to grow in complexity, test engineers can now take advantage of the powerful and efficient tools provided by SuperNova to simplify development and focus more time on their core competency of test."

SuperNova saves time, resources, and development costs by simplifying NI TestStand custom configurations. The fully integrated Alfamation SuperNova software provides test engineers with an intuitive, visual experience to develop and deploy NI TestStand applications with easier maintenance and without sacrificing quality.

The Test Project Concept

A key feature of Alfamation SuperNova is the Test Project Concept function, which stores all the information about a single Device Under Test (DUT) and the device's product variants. Test engineers can export the Test Project Concept and send it to the production environment to be loaded on the test equipment, for greater efficiency and less risk of lost or missing files.

In addition to the Test Project Concept function, SuperNova test development software also features:

  • Release management system
  • Product variant management
  • Signal management for naming, compensation, and calibration
  • Communication messages and commands management
  • Visual and interactive test reporting and label customization
  • Develop once/deploy multiple parallel test instances
  • Easily configurable process definition
  • Simplified parallel test management

Pricing and Availability

SuperNova will begin shipping in August 2011 with prices starting at $9,300 for a development license and $1,030 for the runtime version. SuperNova packages include all necessary NI TestStand licenses. For more information, visit