Evergreen Solar, Inc., a manufacturer of String Ribbon™ solar panels with its proprietary silicon wafer technology, recently unveiled its upcoming line of higher efficiency solar panels featuring its newly developed BOOST™ Cell Technology, at Intersolar 2010 in Munich, Germany.

  The new ES-D and ES-E series of panels for residential and commercial markets feature Evergreen’s new Boost cell technology that uses micro wires instead of conventional bus-bars to reduce cell shading, improve current collection and ultimately increase the overall panel efficiency.

This innovative new cell technology also gives these panels one of the most appealing aesthetics in the industry. The new panels will begin to be available commercially from Q4 2010 onwards.

  The ES-D series panels, designed primarily for residential roofs, are lighter weight for ease of installation and smaller in size to ensure a better fit of the panels to any shape or size of roof.

The ES-D series will be produced with two sets of specifications:

•ES-D Aesthetic series: This product features an all-black panel with an attractive uniform appearance for when aesthetics and the look on the roof is a priority. They will be available in 195, 200 and 205W power grades.

•ES-D Performance series: This product is designed for optimizing performance. They will be available in 200, 205 and 210W power grades.

The ES-E series panels will be the most powerful Evergreen Solar panels ever made, with a larger panel design to meet the needs of commercial applications where the larger size helps to minimize installation costs. The ES-E series panels will be available in 220, 225 and 230W power grades.

  Both the ES-D and ES-E series panels with BOOST Cell Technology will continue to deliver the exceptional performance and industry-leading environmental credentials that Evergreen panels have become known for. All the new panels will feature an industry leading -0 / +5W power tolerance and anti-reflective treated glass as standard.

  The new ES-D and ES-E series panels will continue to be manufactured using Evergreen Solar’s proprietary wafer manufacturing technology which is the most environmentally-friendly process in the industry with virtually no wasted silicon. The carbon footprint of these panels is up to 30% smaller than that of its competitors and they also have the quickest energy payback in the industry, now less than 12 months.