AVX Corporation (Greenville, SC) has expanded the applications for its LICA Series low inductance decoupling capacitor arrays. Widely utilized in commercial and industrial five nines (99.999%) uptime applications, such as mainframe class CPUs and ultimate performance multichip modules and communications systems, LICA Series low inductance decoupling capacitor arrays tested to MIL-PRF-123 also provide high-reliability and low inductance advanced decoupling solutions for a variety of military and aerospace applications, including high-pin-count FPGAs, ASICs, CPUs, and other high power, high-performance ICs with low operating voltages. Features include:

  • Less than 30pH ESL.
  • Up to 4 separate capacitor sections in a single ceramic case.
  • Low resistance platinum electrodes in a low aspect ratio pattern.
  • An MIL-PRF-123 rating for 25 V.
  • An operating temperature range from -55° to 125°C.
  • A reach peak capacitance @ 55°C.

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