In today's podcast we talk to Bill Saltzstein, President of connectBlue. He is speaking with us about Bluetooth low energy technology.


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About Bill Saltzstein, President:

Bill Saltzstein is the President of connectBlue Inc., a leading provider of industrial and medical wireless solutions. Bill is also the Medical Business Development Manager and joined connectBlue in February of 2011 with a vision to extend medical care out of the traditional environments through the use of wireless technologies. He believes that connectBlue is in a unique position to deliver that technology to medical device companies worldwide.

Prior to joining connectBlue, Bill worked as a wireless medical expert through his own company Code Blue Communications that was founded in 2000 with the aim to bring Bluetooth wireless technology to the medical and industrial markets. For the past several years, Bill has primarily provided consulting services to large and small medical device companies in the areas of program management, wireless technology, and product development. In 2006, Bill took two years away from Code Blue to lead the development of an innovative home safety product at LifeTone Safety, and again for a year in 2009 to work as Vice President of Engineering at Pyng Medical which is a trauma products company.

Before founding Code Blue, Bill served as Director of Advanced Development at Medtronic Physio-Control in Redmond, Washington, USA. Prior to joining Physio-Control, he led product development teams at Instromedix and Hewlett-Packard developing both diagnostic and interventional cardiology equipment for emergency medicine and hospital customers. Bill began his professional career with Hewlett-Packard’s calculator design teams as a project engineer and integrated circuit designer.

Bill holds 22 patents associated with battery-powered and portable medical devices, communications and other technologies. His active professional memberships include AAMI, HIMSS, IEEE, and Bluetooth SIG. Bill’s academic career includes a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from University of Rochester, USA, and graduate courses in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science.

Recent Release From connectBlue:

connectBlue launches a new Bluetooth module based on the latest Bluetooth Specification Version 4.0, featuring Bluetooth low energy technology. The Bluetooth low energy platform module OLP425 offers a unique set of features and functionality that provides customers with a turnkey complete solution. The OLP425 can either be delivered as is with digital and analog GPIOs or complete with battery, temperature sensor, accelerometers, and humidity sensor.

Bluetooth low energy technology was introduced in 2010 in the Bluetooth v4.0 Specification. Bluetooth low energy technology is rapidly being integrated in small mobile Android / Apple iOS / Windows devices thanks to the unique features of an extremely long battery lifetime, fast connection times and interoperability focus provided by the standard. Industrial and medical customers can now easily utilize "apps" for Human Machine Interface (HMI), gateway and data acquisition functionality. In the past they had to rely on application tailored tools; now they can use a smart phone instead.

"But we can offer more than "just" the Bluetooth low energy advantages," says Rolf Nilsson, CEO of connectBlue. "Our new OLP425 module is a unique low energy platform; our hardware is either delivered out-of-the-box or it is extra-equipped with added features. The customers then embed their own application software. All in all – our new module provides a complete and cost efficient Bluetooth low energy experience."

connectBlue's Bluetooth low energy platform module OLP425 is delivered with a number of digital and analogue GPIOs. The module can be equipped to support additional customer requirements with a coin cell battery, temperature sensor, accelerometers, and humidity sensor. Using the IAR Embedded Workbench, the customers then embed their own application software in the Bluetooth low energy platform module OLP425. Such possible customer application software includes machine / device access and asset management, data conversion, data acquisition, and logic.

Since Bluetooth low energy technology is particularly suitable for small, mobile devices, connectBlue is introducing a new smaller connectBlue module standard with the Bluetooth low energy platform module OLP425. The Bluetooth low energy platform module OLP425 is radio type approved for FCC, IC and R&TTE, compliant with EMC, Safety and Medical standards, and Bluetooth 4.0 qualified. These certificates allow customers to save on development resources and easily integrate wireless communication without having to go through lengthy and costly approval and qualification processes.

An application scenario for the Bluetooth low energy platform module OLP425 is the collaboration between connectBlue and Tridentify (which was announced on October 12, 2011). The solution revolutionizes the handling of blood bags as it allows blood banks to increase blood availability, tracking and quality.



May 14, 2012