In today's podcast we talk to Doug McPheters, President of HoloTouch, Inc. who is speaking with us about the Human-Doug McPhetersMachine (HMI), a wireless switch which uses HoloTouch technology.

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Here is another link to the podcast in case the playback button is not working: HoloTouch

About the Interviewee: Doug McPheters is the inventor of widely patented touchless, holographic HoloTouch® HMI technology and manager of its commercialization at HoloTouch, Inc. ( ).  HoloTouch technology lets people operate all types of electronics by simply passing a finger through holographic images of what would otherwise be keys or buttons, floating freely in the air – no moving parts to fail under use or abuse, no hygiene issues (nothing to actually touch) and no repetitive stress problems.  He can be reached at 203.588.9808 or

Here’s a simple explanation of how HoloTouch® human-machine (“HMI”) technology works:


HMIs using HoloTouch technology allow people to intuitively enter commands and data into a wide range of electronic equipment by simply passing a finger through holographic images of what would otherwise be buttons or keys of keypads or keyboards, floating in the air at a convenient location – intuitive, touchless controls. An infrared sensor detects intrusion of a finger into those images, identifies which command has been selected and transmits that selection to the equipment’s internal software, in much the same way as pressing a button on any ordinary keyboard. Interfaces customized with HoloTouch technology provide output to USB, serial and other PC ports as well as relay output to other devices such as PLCs.

Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

March 22, 2012