JanineABMIn today's podcast we talk to Jeff Jacobs, Vice President of Technical Sales at Hughey & Phillips, who is speaking with us about H&P's company expansion and preparation to introduce five new products over the next nine months.

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Jeff Jacobs

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Here is a recent article on Hughey & Phillips' efforts: 

Growing Obstruction Lighting Company Increases Global Footprint

Hughey & Phillips, a global leader in the obstruction lighting industry, recently announced the addition of a sales representative in the European Union to enhance existing customer support of H&P installed products and to develop new customers. The new sales representative will continue to promote the H&P brand throughout Europe, focusing on customer expansion within Germany's renewable wind energy, telecommunications and airport industries.

This addition of an international H&P representative, Elitra GmbH, located in Bielefeld, Germany, will continue to foster the global growth of the H&P brand. The European-based sales and technical support office will enable H&P to give local customers faster response time on quotes, services and products.

As H&P prepares to roll out five new products over the next nine months, the new Germany-based H&P office will help meet an existing customer demand for the new products. "As a growing, global leader in obstruction lighting, we are responding to the need for our European customers to have a local contact who can quickly meet their needs for lighting solutions, service and design," said Richard Finkbine, executive vice president of Hughey & Phillips.

The addition of a new international representative to the sales team further allows H&P to serve customers and expand on a global level. The company has plans to add more international representatives to support a growing presence abroad. "As we witness a growing trend in renewable wind energy internationally with our medium intensity product line, H&P is experiencing greater demand for our full line of obstruction lighting products and solutions in a range of other industries. Adding an international representative to our team underlines the H&P focus of being a global leader in obstruction lighting solutions," said Jeff Jacobs, vice president of sales.

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Posted by Janine E. Mooney, Editor

January 5, 2012