JanineABMIn today's podcast we talk to Pilar Somohano, Director of Product Management at Empirix. Pilar talks to us today about the launch of the video assurance solution for the Empirix coverged assurance platform.

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Author Bio:
As Director of Product Management at Empirix, Pilar Somohano leads the Company's video technology strategy unit. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, and 10 years of specific experience in executive product management for video and telecommunications technologies. Somohano has led the implementation of technology programs for leading global companies in the broadcasting, satellite and telecommunications spaces. Somohano's successful approach to innovation is rooted in maintaining a close interaction with service providers to understand industry trends. Combined with customer partnerships, this inside look has allowed her to architect leading edge solutions that efficiently address business pain-points and needs. Prior to Empirix, she served in key product and program management positions at AT&T, Lucent Technologies and other leading technology firms. Ms. Somohano received a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Engineering and an MBA from Monterrey Institute of Technology (ITESM) and studied marketing at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Here is a recent article on Empirix's efforts

Empirix announced the launch of its video assurance solution for the Empirix Converged Assurance Platform. It is the industry's first technology to provide quality of service (QoS), quality of experience (QoE) and control plane analyses in a single platform for end-to-end monitoring of multi-service environments. Integrated with existing capabilities for assuring voice and data services, Empirix now offers operators enhanced visibility into customer experience and an understanding of how video services impact overall network performance.

According to the Multimedia Research Group, Inc. (MRG), the global market for video and digital media equipment and services is expected to exceed $43 billion in 2013. Critical to customer satisfaction is video quality as defined by three core components: the look and sound of the video (QoE), how well the network preserves the video's integrity throughout the transport process (QoS), and the viewer's ease in accessing video content (Transaction Control or UX). Existing video monitoring solutions cover each of these components as separate domains, meaning that operators must monitor, analyze and verify multiple systems in order to determine the root cause of issues that impact subscribers. As a result, these approaches do not deliver the end-to-end visibility needed to enable true network optimization and proactive video quality management.

"As consumer demand for video explodes, operators face the challenge of ensuring a high-quality experience for users accessing bandwidth- and resource-heavy video services," said Alan Breznick, senior analyst at Heavy Reading. "Operators' long-term success will depend on their ability to foster video and other media streaming services. To do this, they need holistic solutions that offer an integrated view into each layer of the quality equation and help them plan for new services, monitor network performance and respond to issues more effectively and efficiently."

Empirix offers a complete solution for assuring video quality. The Empirix E-XMS network monitoring solution and related probes passively monitor live network traffic for real-time analysis of video quality metrics. The solution then correlates QoE, QoS and control plane data and presents it in a single, integrated view. Empirix E-XMS can be deployed simply for video quality monitoring or configured for complete end-to-end analysis of multi-service networks, regardless of protocol or service delivery method. Empirix also offers an active monitoring solution operators can utilize to further assess video quality and its effect on underlying network performance. This technology utilizes Empirix Hammer IP to generate video traffic, direct it through the network via a subscribed path and terminate it an end-point simulator for in-depth analysis. This combined approach to service assurance makes Empirix uniquely able to provide the visibility needed to speed issue resolution and optimize the customer experience.

"Understanding the root of quality issues in today's complicated environments is extremely challenging," said Tim Moynihan, vice president, Marketing, Empirix. "This new approach not only pinpoints problems, but also exposes performance degradation trends that can be corrected before they impact customers. We are proud to offer the first solution to manage the complexity of multi-service environments and deliver value in terms of operational efficiency, network performance and the user experience."

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December 5, 2011