JanineABMIn today's podcast we talk to Brian C. Faith, VP Worldwide Sales & Marketing at QuickLogic who is speaking with us about solving the well known design problem - the interface on their applications processor/CPU often down't support their first-choice display panel.

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Author Bio: 
Brian Faith joined QuickLogic in June of 1996 and has served as our Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing since April 2011 and Vice President of Worldwide Marketing since November 2008. From 2001 through 2008, Mr. Faith served in various marketing positions including Vice President of Solutions Marketing and Senior Director of Marketing. Prior to 2001, Mr. Faith was an Engineering Program Manager, served in a Field Application Engineering role and held various Customer Application Engineering roles, including Customer Application Engineering Manager. Mr. Faith has also served as the Chairperson of the Marketing Committee for the CE-ATA Organization. He holds a B.S.C.E. degree in Computer Engineering from Santa Clara University and also served as Adjunct Lecturer at Santa Clara University for Programmable Logic courses.

Here is a recent article on efforts:

QuickLogic Solves HD Display Bridging Issues in Mobile Device Designs with New Family of CSSPs

QuickLogic has introduced a new line of display interface and enhancement solutions for the mobile market, the ArcticLink III VX series. This family of devices helps designers bridge incompatible display interfaces between processors and displays, while improving display viewability and increasing system battery life. Leveraging the latest generation of QuickLogic's OEM-proven VEE (Visual Enhancement Engine) and DPO (Display Power Optimization) technologies, the ArcticLink III VX platform series handles virtually all displays used in tablet and smartphone designs.

Serving as a complement to QuickLogic's existing ArcticLink II VX family, the ArcticLink III VX series features numerous technical enhancements that further address tablet and smartphone display challenges. The VEE and DPO 2.0 technologies, based on the iridix® core from Apical Limited, have undergone an upgrade to HD+ (1920x1200, or WUXGA) resolution, enabling them to provide support that surpasses today's high-definition standards. Compared to the current generation, ArcticLink III VX has reduced the device area by 44%, and power consumption has been reduced by as much as 80%.

The ArcticLink III VX series features 13 distinct products, each featuring QuickLogic's VEE HD+ and DPO HD+ technologies. To support mismatched interface systems, certain products feature integrated bridging between the popular RGB, MIPI DSI, and LVDS standards. According to Randy Lawson, Principal Analyst and Manager at IHS iSuppli, "More than 60M smartphones will ship this year with a mismatched processor and display interface." To support matched interface systems, the ArcticLink III VX series also offers a number of MIPI 'pass-through' interface architectures. Finally, to support easy integration of embedded pico projectors, other products within the series feature a single-input, dual-output architecture, supporting both matched and mismatched interfaces.

Display and Power Optimization

Unlike existing stand-alone bridging solutions, the ArcticLink III VX series can enhance display viewability in adverse lighting conditions and extend battery life by as much as 50%. QuickLogic's VEE HD+ technology substantially enhances viewability by dynamically optimizing the display content's dynamic range, contrast, and color saturation based on a human visual model to provide a natural viewing experience to the user, regardless of the viewing environment. QuickLogic's DPO HD+ technology works in conjunction with the VEE HD+ technology to extend battery life by modulating display brightness based on ambient lighting and content without negatively affecting the user experience.

"Mobile device developers are often forced to make compromises in their display choices," says Brian Faith, Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at QuickLogic. "The ArcticLink III VX series offers system designers multiple solutions to address their specific needs through the combination of the bridging, pass-through, and dual output architectures with resolution support up to 1920 x 1200, coupled with our VEE HD+ and DPO HD+ technologies."

December 14, 2011