In today's podcast we talk to Matt Lee, founder and technical lead at Oscium, who tells us about the new product line for the iOS test industry.

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Here is a recent press release on Oscim's efforts:

Oscium Enables iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone To Now Become Either a Spectrum Analyzer or a Dynamic Power Meter…or Both

Oscium today unveiled a breakthrough product line for the iOS Test industry that enables iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone to now become either a spectrum analyzer or a dynamic power meter…or both. Oscium's first-to-market product, iMSO-104, successfully merged a mixed signal oscilloscope and the iOS family of products using the 30-pin dock connector. The contribution was so significant that Cypress Semiconductor Corp heralded the product as 'revolutionary'. Oscium's new product line, called WiPry, is the next installment in modular test equipment. This new category of test equipment has the potential to change the benchtop dominated landscape by establishing the touchscreen-based iPad (or iPhone, iPod touch) as the new user interface. This platform presses the refresh button on the antiquated buttons and knobs of benchtop instruments while at the same time offering mobility that PC-based instruments can't match.

Three distinct products fit under the WiPry brand: WiPry-Spectrum, WiPry-Power, and WiPry-Combo (which combines the functionality of both WiPry-Spectrum and WiPry-Power). WiPry-Spectrum leverages the colorful potential of the OpenGL interface on the iOS platform for stunning real-time views of RF activity in the 2.4GHz ISM band. WiPry-Power crosses the chasm of this new platform by not only graphically displaying RF data from 100-2.7GHz but also adding the ability to capture, trigger and record the actual power output of RF amplitude. An optional accessory kit is also available that boosts the products ability by giving the user the ability to make conducted measurements. The final product combines all the features of both WiPry-Spectrum and WiPry-Power into one product called WiPry-Combo.

By merging a spectrum analyzer and a dynamic power meter into the iOS Test industry, Oscium is opening the door for a more productive and useful mobile platform. "Innovating test equipment at Oscium is exciting because it's 'outside the box'," said Bryan Lee, President of Oscium. "The extraordinarily gifted development team at Oscium continues to do what hasn't been done before: create new and innovative products. With the talent that we have on board, bringing first-to-market products is how we're wired; it's part of our DNA. And we're just getting started..."

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