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Understanding & Avoiding the Costly Effects of ESD

Sun, 07/13/2014 - 11:19pm
Brady Corporation

Report addresses the impact of ESD on electronic components and selecting a label that minimizes damage
Milwaukee, WI (July 9, 2014) — Brady released its white paper titled “Understanding & Avoiding the Costly Effects of ESD.” The report explains how electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause costly failures to printed circuit boards (PCB) and electronic components, and discusses labeling considerations to reduce this damage.
“ESD is one of the electronics industry’s most costly causes of product damage and its impact is only increasing as smaller and more intricate technology is developed,” says Justin Bergholz, regional product specialist for Brady. “While electronics manufacturers are taking action to prevent products from harm, one area that is often overlooked is standard PCB and component labels. Since labels are often a source of damaging ESD events, it’s important to keep label size and features in mind to minimize product harm.”
Brady’s white paper provides valuable information on selecting an appropriate and safe labeling solution for each application. With the right product and supplier, manufacturers can reduce ESD damage, which will then decrease product failure and downtime costs, and improve product quality. Key considerations when choosing a label include label size, to minimize surface-static buildup, and electrical properties, including triboelectric charges, surface resistivity and static-delay time.

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