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Virtual AntennaTechnology

Thu, 03/06/2014 - 12:21pm


The flexible and off the-shelf mobile antenna solution.

Finally, One Size Fits All

Figure 1 – The mXTEND Antenna Booster (center) can replace multiple customized mobile antennas (around) across multiple products.

The fast pace, ever changing evolution of the wireless industry puts an enormous time to market pressure on the engineering of every new mobile device. Being in the heart of every mobile product, the design of the RF front end and in particular, the antenna, becomes specially cumbersome as every product currently requires a fully customized antenna.

Fractus new Virtual Antenna technology has been conceived to address this particular issue, proposing a new standard antenna element, the miniature mXTEND Antenna Booster, to virtually replace every customized antenna in virtually every mobile product (Figure 1).

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