HotSpot Episode 47: Having Sex with Glass

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 10:35am
Eric Sorensen, Coordinator of Multimedia Development

This week on WDD's HotSpot:

Believe it or not, some people get mad at their video games. So to help some of these young guns control their video-game rage, Seattle-based visual designer Sam Matson, has created a headset, immersion that increases the difficulty of the game the less calm they become. According to Matson, he prototyped a solution by modifying an Xbox controller with a pulse sensor that monitors the gamer's heart rate, and provides visual and haptic feedback during gameplay.

Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have created a control system that makes robots more intelligent. By using arm sensors that can "read" a person's muscle movements, the sensors send information to the robot, allowing it to anticipate a human's movements and correct its own. The system is intended to improve time, safety and efficiency in manufacturing plants.

A group of London-based developers is looking to spice things for the Google Glass with their new sex with Glass app, Glance. Glance wants to change the way consumers experience something by allowing them to see the whole picture. With the new glance app, you can control the lights, the music, and even get some helpful tips.  And don't worry about privacy. You are the only person who has a copy of the video if you save it. Otherwise, it's gone forever. Not hosted anywhere.

Wild Hare has created a revolutionary Wi-Fi product that allows users to control any device from their smartphone. No internet or router required. It can control any gadget, vehicle and appliance by upgrading any switch into a wireless controlled, programmable, and automatic smart switch with the My N3RD app.

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