Today on Engineering Newswire, we’re launching drones from tiny boats, recycling shower water, using sensors to prevent serious brain injuries, and making batteries more efficient by going viral. Today’s episode features:

  • The Floating Drone Combo - Aerovel, a company that develops miniature robotic aircraft, has created a drone that can launch and land autonomously on a 4 m, floating skiff.
  • Preventing Serious Brain Injuries - Engineers and cardiology experts at Johns Hopkins University have teamed up to develop a fingernail-sized biosensor that could alert doctors when serious brain injury occurs during heart surgery.
  • Water-Recycling Shower - Sweden-based Orbital Systems has developed a high-tech purification system that recycles water while users take showers.
  • A Viral Battery - Typically, distance per charge is the biggest complaint and fear of those driving electric vehicles. Now, MIT researchers have started using genetically modified viruses to help the situation.

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