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Universities Receive Large Donation to Fund Medical Technology Research

October 17, 2007 6:31 am | Product Releases | Comments

Texas Instruments Incorporated announces that the company is allocating a total of $15 million to fund medical technology research at selected universities worldwide. The funding will support research and development of key emerging medical technologies, over a period of several years, in areas such as personal medical devices, implantables, medical imaging, wireless healthcare systems and biosensor technology....

Kit Makes Designing Medical Telemetry Systems a Snap!

October 10, 2007 8:22 am | Product Releases | Comments

Zarlink Semiconductor Inc. has made available a development kit that enables faster design and evaluation of wireless telemetry systems linking implanted medical devices with monitoring and programming equipment. The ZLE70101 Application Development Kit (ADK) demonstrates the high data rate, ultra low-power supported by the company’s ZL70101 transceiver....

Wide-Bandwidth Video Switch Matrix/Drivers and Transmission Technology in Consumer Electronics

September 27, 2007 6:32 am | Product Releases | Comments

A new transmission scheme for digital video signals paired with current transfer logic (CTL™) will help meet the market requirement for multiple display needs. By Jeff Ju, Fairchild Semiconductor With the strong demand ramping in the automotive accessory market, traditional car DVDs with a single CVBS and mono audio signal output to a single display will be unable to meet the market requirement for multiple display needs (drivers ...


Using Customizable Microcontrollers to Beef up Performance and Cut Power Drain

September 27, 2007 6:21 am | Product Releases | Comments

MPCF technology is being used in existing MCUs with SoC-level integration to create a customizable SoC platform, with the same low unit prices of cell-based ASICs. Tim Kubitschek and Jay Johnson, Atmel Corporation The year-long design cycle for a custom ASIC is often longer than the life of the end-product, which may be as short as six months....

Overvoltage-Protection Controllers with Integrated nFET 

September 26, 2007 8:17 am | Product Releases | Comments

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the MAX4943-MAX4946/MAX4949 overvoltage-protection (OVP) controllers with an integrated nFET. These devices provide OVP up to +28 V. They provide overvoltage trip levels from 4.56 V to 8.9 V and undervoltage trip levels from 2.45 V to 4.15 V. Integrating the nFET switch into the devices' 2 mmࡨ mm microDFN package reduces the overall external system component count and required board space....

Low Noise Block Satellite Controllers

September 26, 2007 8:17 am | Product Releases | Comments

Zetex Semiconductors announces its ZXNB low noise block (LNB) satellite controllers that integrate all bias, control and power management functions into a single chip, achieving LNB size reductions of up to 30 percent. They minimize PCB size, routing complexity, component counts and aluminum housing size....

Plastic Circular Connectors Meet Demanding Medical Device Requirements

September 25, 2007 11:26 am | Product Releases | Comments

Hypertronics Corporation has expanded their patent pending HyperGrip product line. The product line now offers more configurations, including connectors with 20 (HG3), 34 (HG4), or 85 (HG6) pin positions to complement the growing 12-pin position connector (HG2). Designed specifically for the medical industry, HyperGrip is a user-configurable circular connector which is color-coded and customer key-able for accurate and quick connections on ...

Battery-Operated Bench Top Power Supply

August 10, 2007 11:58 am | Product Releases | Comments

R & R Technologies, Inc. announces its PS-1 portable bench top power supply with built-in rechargeable batteries that allows the testing of low-power circuits without cord or power-main limitations. This power supply can be used to set up long-term tests that are less susceptible to test-stopping power outages or glitches than corded power supplies....


Touch Pad Controllers

July 18, 2007 11:52 am | Product Releases | Comments

Freescale Semiconductor is meeting the demand for touch-sensitive control with the introduction of two sensitive touch pad controllers. Freescale’s MPR081 and MPR082 proximity capacitive touch sensor controllers are designed to detect touch by measuring capacitance. Touch sensors are becoming essential for any interface with buttons....

Microcontrollers Outperform FPGAs

July 17, 2007 10:57 am | Product Releases | Comments

Atmel® Corporation’s new line of customizable microcontrollers deliver as much as 8X the performance for DSP algorithms that are frequently implemented in FPGAs, with substantially reduced power consumption and unit IC costs that are 30% to 50% lower. The AT91CAP MCUs include an Atmel processor core, a variety of peripherals and multiple high-speed busses....

Power IC Delivers High Output Power

July 17, 2007 9:06 am | Product Releases | Comments

RF Micro Devices introduces the RFMD’s 28 V GaN 10 W RF3822 powerIC which is optimized for high efficiency with 16 dB gain over a wide operating bandwidth in a 50W impedance environment. The RF3822 utilizes advanced heat sink and power dissipation technologies to deliver high output power with constant gain and good thermal stability....

Configurable AC/DC Power Supplies

June 22, 2007 6:30 am | Product Releases | Comments

Lambda expands its NV family of configurable AC/DC power supplies, adding a product series that can supply 300 W. The NV-300 series is especially suitable for use in high-density medical, data communications and test-and-measurement equipment. Units measure a very compact 3.75 × 7.25 × 1....

Li-Ion/Li-Polymer Charge-management Controllers

June 22, 2007 6:30 am | Product Releases | Comments

Microchip Technology Inc announces the MCP73811 and MCP73812 (MCP7381X) Li-Ion/Li-Polymer charge-management controllers. These simple, single-cell devices provide fully integrated charge-management functions and selectable or programmable charge currents up to 500 mA in a 5-pin SOT-23 package. They are USB compatible and come with integrated current sense, pass transistor and reverse battery protection onboard to enable smaller, more cost-e...


Fully Engineered Battery and Power System

June 21, 2007 11:14 am | Product Releases | Comments

OceanServer Technology, Inc. introduces a patented, fully engineered battery and power system that lets designers add smart, rechargeable Li-Ion battery back-up power as an OEM component to virtually any type of electronic and electromechanical equipment. The Intelligent Battery and Power System™ serves as a complete AC/DC power supply and provides clean, regulated DC, sourced from Li-Ion battery packs, an AC wall outlet or any external...

Mass Flow Sensors Fit Respiratory & Medical Applications

June 21, 2007 7:58 am | Product Releases | Comments

With the continued expansion of the respiratory industry, MEMs flow sensors will play an important role. By Steve Massie, Omron Electronic Components, LLC Medical Design The world market for respiratory products is exploding. Applications include devices such as pulmonary function testing equipment, spirometers, sleep apnea diagnostic Figure 1....

Mikoh’s Smart & Secure Retail Tag Addresses Consumer Privacy Concerns

June 19, 2007 10:53 am | Product Releases | Comments

Balancing the need for RFID tagging in the retail environment with the need for customer privacy, MIKOH Corporation, a leading company focused on ensuring the physical security of RFID tags, has developed the Smart & Secure Retail Tag. The use of item-level RFID tagging in the retail industry is a means to provide dramatic improvements to inventory management, specifically by reducing out-of-stock levels and streamlining product replenish...

Low Phase Noise Oscillator for the Instrumentation and Radar Markets

May 22, 2007 8:57 am | Product Releases | Comments

Temex announces the launch of a small RF oscillator in a 51.5 × 51.5 × 20.5 mm package. This ULN (Ultra Low Noise) source is designed to meet the needs of the instrumentation and radar markets. Product specifications include: Frequency 500 MHz; lower phase noise at 10 kHz from the carrier, -165 dBc/Hz; phase noise floor -175 dBc/Hz; stability is 1 ppm in the 0 to 50°C temperature range with a target of -30°C to +70°C....

Consumer Experience Management Suite

April 16, 2007 12:52 pm | Product Releases | Comments

Mobile Complete announces that it has given the industry a means to redefine the mobile consumer experience with the recent launch of its Consumer Experience Management Suite (CEMS) at CTIA Wireless. CEMS is an extendible Web-based platform designed to improve the end-to-end mobile consumer lifecycle from the pre-purchase stage all the way through the post-purchase stage....

Single Output Power Supplies

April 6, 2007 10:02 am | Product Releases | Comments

Lambda introduces a series of single-output 5 to 15 W AC/DC power supplies designed for direct mounting on a printed circuit board (PCB). Small and lightweight, the KPS series supplies are suitable for use in a wide variety of applications, such as process control, test-and-measurement and portable equipment....

Kodiak Networks and Airo Wireless Partner to Produce Specialty Devices for Field Workforce, Government and Military Markets

March 13, 2007 8:45 am | Product Releases | Comments

Mobile solutions innovator Kodiak Networks and Airo Wireless Inc., a leading provider of GPS-enabled wireless devices, today announced they have signed a licensing and strategic marketing agreement to integrate Kodiak Connected Applications™ on a variety of specialty devices for outdoor and professional use....

Tuning Ethernet for Military Networks

March 13, 2007 7:19 am | Product Releases | Comments

In addition to predictable performance, reliability is a key requirement for any military network. Steve Rood Goldman, Data Device Corporation The DoD’s Net-centric Warfare initiative ensures that IP networks and Ethernet are here to stay. Ethernet is being deployed or implemented in a number of military click to enlarge Figure 1a....

Wireless Security Controllers

February 9, 2007 5:02 am | Product Releases | Comments

Fortress Technologies announces its FC-X Series of security controllers that are capable of processing throughputs up to 1.9 Gb/s per second, offering government customers a controller that meets the requirements for high-performance wireless optics links, as well as agency-wide wireless networking deployments....

DC/DC Converters Extend Battery Life

February 9, 2007 5:02 am | Product Releases | Comments

Maxim Integrated Products MXIM) has introduced the MAX8581/MAX8582 high-efficiency, step-down DC/DC converters that can continuously deliver 600 mA. Available in a 9mm2 package, these devices integrate a 65 mΩ bypass FET. During high-power transmission, this bypass FET connects the power amplifier (PA) directly to the battery with a dropout of 33 mV at 500 mA, thus minimizing power loss at the inductor and allowing minimal battery vol...

Wireless Transceivers for Industrial Applications

February 9, 2007 5:02 am | Product Releases | Comments

AMI Semiconductor has announced two single-chip wireless transceivers, the AMIS-52150 and the AMIS-53050. These devices are optimized for sub-GHz, low-to-moderate data rate wireless communications in a variety of industrial applications that include building security and access, smoke and fire detection, building control and automation, lighting and utility metering....

Power Management Solutions: Choosing the Right One Now Pays Dividends Later

January 31, 2007 9:59 am | Product Releases | Comments

Paying attention to power management prolongs battery life and increases performance by minimizing ripple/noise in the system. By Bob Nguyen, National Semiconductor Wireless technology implies the freedom to physically move around while still remaining virtually connected. No longer attached to a wall outlet, electronic wireless handset click to enlarge Figure 1...

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