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SMD Power Inductor

September 24, 2001 4:51 am | Comments

A new shielded surface mount power inductor capable of handling currents from one to 20 amps in severe temperature from -55°C to +125°C is now available from Associated Components Technology. In addition to excellent performance in extreme temperatures, the SHS 1504 Series offers very low power loss and low DC resistance, ranging from 1....

AC to DC Power Supplies

September 24, 2001 4:51 am | Comments

Power Ten announced the introduction of their new line of "Star Series" rack-mount, programmable AC to DC power supplies. This new generation of power supplies is designed to meet demanding requirements for high reliability, high power, high performance DC sources. Ideally suited for applications such as Communications, Production Test, Bum-In, ATE, Ion and Electromagnets, the "Star Series" utilizes Power Ten's unique power ...


Wireless: It's All Done With Magnetics!

September 21, 2001 7:16 am | Comments

Chris Bunszel. Marketing Manager. Aura Communications Inc. A new alternative wireless technology based on the principles of "magnetic induction" has many advantages over other short-range wireless systems — Bluetooth being one example — including reduced size, minimal power consumption, and very low cost....


Signal generators deliver low-noise and frequency coverage to 40 GHz

September 20, 2001 11:26 am | Comments

Agilent Technologies Manufacturers of broadband components used in military and satellite systems, as well as Microwave Multiport Distribution Service (MMDS), Local Multipoint Distribution Service (LMDS), and point-to-point microwave systems, require test equipment with broadband frequency coverage and exceptionally low noise....

TFT LCD Monitor

September 17, 2001 5:43 am | Comments

Polaris Industries announces the release of their TFT-7 LCD monitor. This new TFT has standard composite video inputs and a display resolution of 1440 horizontal by 234 vertical and a total number of 336, 960 pixels. The viewing angle on this display is 60° left to right, 40° up and 65° down....

Digital IC

September 17, 2001 5:25 am | Comments

The ML70511LA is a CMOS digital IC for use in 2.4 GHz band Bluetooth™ systems. This IC incorporates the ARM7TDMI as the CPU core, features a highly expandable architecture, and supports the interfaces for a variety of applications. Used in conjunction with the ML7050LA (Bluetooth RF Transceiver IC) and the OKI Bluetooth Protocol Stack Software, data/voice communications are possible while maintaining interconnectivity with other Bluetoo...

High Power Hybrid Ring Divider/Combiner

September 17, 2001 5:25 am | Comments

MECA introduces a high power, hybrid ring divider/combiner designed to cover wireless bands from 1.700 - 2.000 GHz with average RF power handling capability of 1,000 watts (5 kW peak) when an external termination is used at the isolation port. The 700-3 (2-way, N-Female) is ideally suited for high power dividing or combining applications and measures 4....

Voltage Controlled SAW Oscillators

September 17, 2001 5:25 am | Comments

Micro Networks has developed and is introducing a series of voltage controlled SAW oscillators designed specifically for high-speed SONET OC-192 applications. The M630 series is ideal for phase lock loop (PLL) operation in regenerative repeater timing circuits for fiber-linked data systems and telecommunications networks....


SAW Based Recovery Modules

September 17, 2001 5:25 am | Comments

Micro Networks has developed a series of clock and data (CDR) modules using phase-lock loop architecture and a high stability, low-nose SAW VCO to provide extremely low jitter clock and data outputs for SONET applications. The M830/831 series of CDR modules builds on Micro Networks' world leading capability in low phase noise and jitter performance to regenerate the spectral component from an incoming NRZ data stream and output a low jitt...


September 17, 2001 5:25 am | Comments

FCI Electronics is proud to announce that its 418-position SMT socket has passed rigorous qualification testing required to support the Intel® Itanium™ Processor. The low insertion force of this screw machine socket enables effective mating to the large pin field module of the Intel® Itanium™ Processor module....

Miniature Snap-Action Switches

September 17, 2001 5:25 am | Comments

E-Switch announces the immediate availability of its new line of miniature snap-action switches. The SM Series Miniature Snap-Action switch line from E-Switch features UL94VO switch housing and actuator button. With a variety of contact ratings, the switches are available with nine different actuators, each with four operating force options....

Radio Transceiver

September 17, 2001 5:25 am | Comments

The Oki ML7050LA is a highly integrated Bluetooth™ radio transceiver designed to operate in the global 2.4 GHz Industrial, Scientific, and Medical (ISM) band. The ML7050LA architecture incorporates vital intermediate frequency (IF) and radio frequency (RF) circuits on a low cost, integration-friendly bulk CMOS process....

RF Attenuators

September 17, 2001 5:25 am | Comments

Elcom Systems Inc. Model AT-51 series of 50 ohm RF Attenuators come with BNC, TNC, N or SMA gold, nickel or silver plated connectors. They are available in 1 dB steps to 10 dB and 2 dB steps to 20 dB, with 0....

3.4 - 3.6 GHz / 5 Watt HPA for WLL

September 17, 2001 5:25 am | Comments

The BBM3436HJ (SKU # 5002) was designed for wireless Internet access applications using 16 QAM modulation, also suitable for any linear and digital modulation applications in the new WLL frequency range. This amplifier utilizes linear GaAsFET power devices that provide excellent linearity, low distortion, high gain, and wide dynamic range....

Bluetooth Antenna with 3dBi Gain

September 4, 2001 4:52 am | Comments

Korean manufacturer AMOTECH has developed small surface mountable ceramic antennas with 3 dBi gain for use in Bluetooth and other 2.4 GHz applications where small size and low weight are key factors. AMOTECH provides 3 kinds of antennas with different dimensions: 8 × 8 × 3 mm, 6 × 4 × 3 mm und 6 × 4 × 2 mm....


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