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Micro DC/DC Converter

September 28, 2001 9:40 am | Comments

Taiyo Yuden introduces the world's first surface-mountable Micro DC/DC Converter, the latest addition to its popular line of ultra-compact, high-reliability power electronics modules. Under low power output conditions, the unique new Micro DC/DC Converter functions together with the portable or other handheld device's battery to provide a distributed power source that minimizes power loss through supply voltage control of the unit's RF powe...

DC/DC Converters Feature Independent Control Loops

September 28, 2001 9:40 am | Comments

DATEL's new BWR-5/3.3, 30 W Series, Dual-Output, 5 V and 3.3 V DC/DC Converters offer affordable, total control over two independently regulated outputs. There is a single pair of input pins (± Input) and a pair of outputs (+5V OUT @ up to 3 Amps and +3.3 V OUT @ up to 4.25 Amps), but there are also two of everything else: Two Output Return Paths means no intermingling of ground currents and no ground-loop problems....

Sealed Lead Acid Battery

September 28, 2001 9:40 am | Comments

EnerSys has introduced a new battery that provides 25% greater power output, or 5 Ah, in the same footprint as industry standard 4 Ah batteries. The rechargeable NP5-12 is a sealed lead-acid battery with a high energy density of 1.54 WH/cubic inch at the 2- hour rate and a nominal voltage of 12 V....


VCO Provides Solution for U-NII Band Applications

September 28, 2001 9:40 am | Comments

The V940ME11 from Z-Communications generates low phase-noise and operates within the 5220 - 5420 MHz frequency range. The device is suited for HIPERLAN systems and delivers a single sideband phase noise of – 82 and – 107 dBc/Hz, typically, at 10 kHz and 100 kHz offsets, respectively. The V940ME11 covers the 200 MHz bandwidth within 0....

OEG Relays

September 28, 2001 9:40 am | Comments

Tyco Electronics introduced OEG relays to the North American electronics market. The broad line of OEG relays includes many printed circuit board mountable versions and a selection of general purpose types for panel and plug-in applications. This line includes reed and armature type electromechanical relays....

Improvements to Oscillator Line

September 28, 2001 9:40 am | Comments

Fox Electronics has announced that its JITO-2 Just-In-Time Oscillators are now available with a frequency stability of ± 25 ppm over a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C and a stability of ± 20 ppm over a temperature range of -20°C to +70°C. These new specifications extend the application range for the JITO line....

DRAM and SRAM Adapters

September 28, 2001 9:40 am | Comments

Accutek AccuAdapters integrate existing SMT devices into modules that become direct drop-in replacements for end-of-life monolithic or discrete DIP and ZIP ICs to eliminate the need for PC board retolling. Configurations include 1 MEG × 1, 4 MEG × 1, 256K × 4, and 1 MEG × 4 DRAM DIPs and ZIPs, a 64K × 4 DRAM DIP, and a 128K × 8 SRAM DIP with 0....

Precision Coaxial Terminations

September 28, 2001 9:40 am | Comments

Krytar designed terminations were subjected to thermal shock testing per MIL-202, Method 107, Test Condition B. They also underwent five cycles of thermal shock throughout the -65°C to 125°C temperature range which allows temperature testing of components using these terminations. Units are long lasting....


Low Loss 7-16 DIN Connector

September 28, 2001 9:40 am | Comments

RF Connectors, a division of RF Industries, released a new 7-16 DIN series coaxial connector designed for use with LMR-600® low-loss cable from Times Microwave and WBC-600 low-loss cable from CommScope. The RFD-1604-2L2 is a 7-16 DIN male crimp connector featuring silver plated body and contact for optimum inter-modulation distortion reduction and Teflon® insulation for its preferred dielectric performance....

Board-to-Board Connectors

September 28, 2001 9:40 am | Comments

The new Series JAV connectors from JST feature 0.4 mm (.016) pitch and low mounting height, 1.5 mm (.059), making them ideal for super high density applications such as notebook PCs, LCD monitors, PDAs, and cellular phones. The Series JAV connectors are available in 22, 26, 30, and 40 contact positions in a dual row configuration and are offered in a stacking/parallel PCB mounting direction....

A Beacon of Light

September 28, 2001 9:31 am | Comments

By Kim Stokes, Editor-in-Chief We will never forget September 11, 2001. We will always remember where we were when we realized our nation was under attack. While our offices are 30 miles from New York City, I remember my first thoughts when I heard planes had crashed into the World Trade Center — Cahners has offices in New York City and Cahners HQ used to be in Newton, MA where some of our employees travel to on a regular basis...

Test Automation for Wireless Devices - Calculating Tangible Return On Investment

September 25, 2001 7:35 am | Comments

TestQuest Inc. With respect to the development of wireless devices, few investment opportunities offer a more reliable and tangible return on investment (ROI) than test automation. The last few years have seen worldwide mobile communications advance from concept to reality, and as a result, the number of wireless devices being manufactured to meet the unique needs of businesses and general consumers has skyrocketed....

Is the 5 GHz Unlicensed Band Really Interference Free?

September 24, 2001 7:28 am | Comments

David A. Case NCE One of the biggest concerns for the operators using unlicensed systems is that they must operate without any real protection as second or third tier services in their assigned bands. The various licensed services have rights when it comes to band usage verse not having any rights for those operating unlicensed systems....

Battery Charger Series

September 24, 2001 4:51 am | Comments

Ault announced its BCM family of wide-range battery chargers for Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) and Nickel Cadmium (NiCad) topologies. The BCM series includes 12 models for each battery topology and can charge multiple cell packs, including 3 o 6, 5 to 10 and 8 to 12 cells Ault's BCM family meets the growing needs for battery chargers for portable electronic consumer products, home health care equipment, personal information appliances (PIAs...


UV Light Sources

September 24, 2001 4:51 am | Comments

This new line of modular flood and focused beam light sources is designed to provide easy, cost effective polymerization of light curing adhesives and coatings for a variety of process settings. Complete curing systems for most applications are quickly and easily assembled from among a comprehensive menu of modules....


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