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QuickLogic's Sensor Hub IDE and Development Board for Rapid Customization

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 10:33am
WDD Staff

QuickLogic Corporation (Sunnyvale, CA) [NASDAQ: QUIK] has announced its IDE and Development Board for customizing its ultra-low power sensor hub and making always-on context awareness a reality. Specifically tailored for engineers familiar with sensor algorithms and software, these tools speed time-to-market by providing an abstraction layer between the sensor algorithms and software (typically expressed in a C-like language), and the hardware implementation. The IDE, called the Flexible Fusion Engine Algorithm Tool (FFEAT):

  • Enables engineers to quickly and easily develop code and algorithms, compile to QuickLogic’s ArcticLink 3 S1 ultra-low power sensor hub architecture, and perform clock cycle-accurate simulation and real-time hardware debugging.
    Provides a proven hardware platform for sensor hub hardware development, testing, and debugging.
  • Supports connectivity to host systems, such as a PC via USB, directly to a Snapdragon based DragonBoard by Qualcomm. 
  • Features flexible connectors that can be used to connect third party sensor boards for easy sensor bring-up, algorithm development and hardware debug.

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