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Low ESR Aluminum Polymer Capacitors Set a New Standard with up to 125°C, 160 WVDC

Mon, 04/21/2014 - 10:39am
WDD Staff


Illinois Capacitor (Lincolnwood, IL) AVG Series Aluminum Polymer Capacitors offer the very-low ESR benefits of polymer with greater maximum operating temperature and voltage rating.  Compared to most other polymer capacitors, the AVG Series is rated at higher temperature (up to 125°C), up to 160 WVDC and is available with greater CV (Capacity x Voltage) values.  They are highly stable with temperature and have excellent high-frequency performance. Both characteristics are important in high efficiency power circuits.

The new capacitors deliver a number of significant advantages over conventional electrolytic capacitors. Because of their solid polymer dielectric and specialized design, these capacitors offer very low ESR and high ripple current capability. As a result, one AVG capacitor can take the place of several conventional aluminum electrolytic capacitors.  The reduction in component count and small device size is an effective way for designers to reduce PCB space.

AVG Series Polymer Capacitors can be used in place of conventional radial lead aluminum electrolytic capacitors and are especially well suited for the most demanding applications.

These include: high-frequency switching power circuitry, commercial-grade LED lighting, telecommunications, high-performance graphics cards and automation.

  • Available capacitance values from 4.7 to 1,500 °F, up to 160 WVDC.  
  • Operating temperature range exceptionally wide (-55 to +125°C).  
  • Load life up to 2,000 hours.  

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