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Receiver ICs

April 6, 2001 11:45 am | Comments

TriQuint Semiconductor has unveiled its latest in a series of Gallium Arsenide (GaAs) TDMA-mode monolithic receiver ICs. The TQ5122 cellular frequency band receiver and the TQ5622 PCS band frequency are complementary devices specifically designed for use in IS-136/TDMA handsets in both the U.S. cellular and PCS frequency bands....

Complete Software Radio Solution

April 6, 2001 11:45 am | Comments

Pentek, Inc. has announced one of the first digital upconverter and D/A VIM-2 (Velocity Interface Mezzanine) modules in the industry, allowing engineers to generate wideband analog IF signals in real time right from a DSP. The Model 6229 is ideal for radio transmission and can be combined with any Pentek TMS320C6x digital signal processor board and digital receiver to build a complete, low-cost transmit and receive software radio system....

Dual-Band RF Synthesizer

April 6, 2001 11:45 am | Comments

Silicon Laboratories has announced the Si4133G Dual-Band RF Synthesizer featuring settling times under 150 μs and support of the General Packet Radio Services (GPRS) requirements for GSM/DCS1800 mobile phones, enabling wireless data transfer rates that are equivalent to a V.90 modem. The synthesizer provides a complete CMOS RF synthesizer in a single low-profile, small-outline 24-pin package....


Millimeterwave Amplifier Family

April 6, 2001 11:45 am | Comments

The AB0228H1-14 and AB038H1-14 are high gain amplifiers designed for 23 - 30 GHz and 36 - 41 GHz, respectively. The AB028H1-14 features 36 dB gain, 16 dBm output power and 3 dB noise figure. The AB038H1-14 offers 30 dB gain, 16 dBm output power and 4 dB noise figure. Both amplifiers operate from a single voltage supply, thereby simplifying bias requirements....

WLAN Chipset with Low Power Consumption

April 6, 2001 11:45 am | Comments

Intersil Corporation's PRISM II WLAN chipset, a highly integrated 11 Mbps "Antenna-to-Computer" solution for WLANs, is now in full production and available for sampling. The chipset is completely re-engineered from the original PRISM chipset, with 50 percent lower power consumption and a 35 percent reduction in total bill-of-materials cost for a WLAN card....

Ultra Miniature Coaxial Connectors-UMP Series

April 6, 2001 11:27 am | Comments

Radiall is pleased to launch the next generation of SMT coaxial connectors. The main interest of this product line called MMP (Micro Miniature Pressure contact) is cost reduction thanks to innovative technology. Included in the MMP product line, the UMP series (Ultra Miniature Pressure contact) features 2 mm high mated connectors (board to board cable link)....

Ultra Miniature Coaxial Connectors

April 6, 2001 11:27 am | Comments

Radiall is pleased to enlarge the next generation of SMT coaxial connectors. The main interest of this product line is called MMP (Micro Miniature Pressure contact) is cost reduction thanks to an innovative technology. The IMP series (Interconnect Micro miniature Pressure contact) is designed for board to board connections....

GSM Direct Conversion Radio Chip Set

April 6, 2001 11:27 am | Comments

Analog Devices' Othello™, a GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) direct conversion radio set, features a revolutionary radio architecture that provides 30-50 percent savings in cost and size for the next generation of dual-band and triple-band GSM phones. Consisting of the AD6523 transceiver and the AD6524 synthesizer, Othello allows incoming signals to be "directly converted" to baseband, thus eliminating the need fo...


Integer-N PLL Frequency Synthesizers

April 6, 2001 11:27 am | Comments

Analog Devices' ADF4000 series offer a choice of industry-standard pinout with improved performance, or new pinout with increased software programmability. The ADF4000 series of PLL synthesizers consists of single and dual devices in a range of configurations and frequency ranges. Using a high-performance BiCMOS process technology, phase noise is typically 6 dB better than other manufacturers' products....

Dual PLL Synthesizers

April 6, 2001 11:27 am | Comments

Analog Devices, Inc. announced the release of its new family of dual PLL (phase locked loop) synthesizers that offer the highest performance and lowest footprint available for wireless applications. PLL synthesizers form the core of local oscillators which are at the heart of any wireless system including mobile handsets, PDAs, cellular basestations, wireless LAN/LMDS (Local Area network/Local Multipoint Distribution System), SDH/SONET (Syn...

DSL Installation

April 6, 2001 11:27 am | Comments

Analog Devices, Inc. announced that it has joined the OpenDSL initiative to simplify and expedite DSL (digital subscriber line) installation and broaden the retail market for DSL equipment and service. OpenDSL will enable service providers to avoid expensive on-site visits by automating customer premise equipment (CPE) configuration, making it easy for customers to install modems and routers themselves....

Nokia Connectivity Pack

April 6, 2001 11:27 am | Comments

Nokia unveiled its first Bluetooth solution for wireless connectivity between a mobile phone and Personal Computer. The Nokia Connectivity Pack is designed for people who desire freedom and flexibility in data communication. The Bluetooth wireless technology in the pack makes it possible to use the Nokia model 6210 phone as a GSM modem to connect to a laptop within a range of 10 meters....

Evaluation Pack

April 6, 2001 11:22 am | Comments

Blue Wave Systems Inc. launched the FACT Evaluation pack, a complete and cost-effective eXpressDSP-based algorithm evaluation environment. This new ComStruct building block will enable developers to easily evaluate and integrate algorithms adhering to the TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard, providing a fast-track solution for creating next-generation telecom applications....

Inexpensive Scaler Measurement

April 6, 2001 7:06 am | Wireless Design & Development | Comments

By Hal Crittenden, Krytar Krytar Model 9000B Power Meter is capable of measuring CW or Swept Power over the entire frequency range of 100 kHz to 40 GHz when used with 9540A Power Head. The Power Meter is Auto-ranging in 2 ranges and has a linearity of ± 0.05 dB @ 25`C. The unit measures CW Power of – 30 to 20 dBm which is displayed on a digital readout....

Duplexer Delivers Low Loss at PCS E-block Frequencies

April 6, 2001 7:06 am | Comments

The Technical Requirements For Duplexers Are More Stringent Now Than Ever. Chris W. Rossiter, Sr. Applications Engineer, Trilithic, Inc. A new series of dielectric resonator/combline duplexers from Trilithic, exceed the minimum performance criteria required to serve the North American PCS E-block frequencies they serve, while remaining competitive in price....


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