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Highly Sensitive NFC Z-Axis Low-Profile Antenna

Wed, 03/19/2014 - 7:07pm
WDD Staff


In an effort to meet the growing demands for NFC antennas, PREMO (Barcelona, Spain) has developed a new Z axis SMD ferrite antenna suitable for signals reception/transmission at 13,56MHz. ZC1003HF series is a highly sensitive and compact solution (10x10x3.1mm) specially designed for those NFC applications where size of components is critical. This innovative antenna requires less board space compared with PCB printed loop antennas and offers up to 30% longer reading distances. Furthermore, this Z-axis coil's design offers an outstanding electrical performance and mechanical robustness, providing an excellent reliability, as they are designed and validated with automotive standards. ZC1003HF series is offered with 2,5µH/13,56MHz inductance value and can be taylored according to customer’s specifications. The antenna includes:

  • High performance NiZn ferrite core material (>106 Ohm·m).
  • Low initial permeability to work at high frequency.
  • Stable performance in a wide range of temperature (-40ºC to +100ºC).

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