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TOC/TN Analyzers Feature Choice of Powerful Oxidation Methods

April 6, 2001 5:20 am | Comments

Shimadzu has introduced the new TOC Visionary Series which includes seven different models for measuring total organic carbon (TOC) and total nitrogen (TN). TOC-V, the Visionary Series offers a choice of either combustion or unique heated-UV-persulfate oxidation methods — a Shimadzu exclusive. Each unit can be operated stand-alone or PC controlled....

Ultra Miniature 9800 Relay

April 6, 2001 5:20 am | Comments

Coto Technology is now utilizing a higher temperature solder & solder paste for internal connections on its ultra-miniature 9800 series Surface Mount Relays. The solder alloy, Sn95/Sb5, allows for a maximum board reflow temperature of 226 ° C for one minute as measured at the component leads....

Miniature Inductors

April 6, 2001 5:20 am | Comments

Offering a wide range of inductance values and featuring integral EMI shielding, the latest inductors from power conversion and wound component specialist C & D Technologies (NCL) will suit power designs that have limited PCB board space yet require high saturation currents. The new 23S00 bobbin wound surface mount inductors are low DC resistance devices that are designed for use in switching power supplies, power line filter circuits...


Electronic CAD for Win95/98, 2000 and NT Workstations

April 6, 2001 5:20 am | Comments

AMS, Inc. announced the availability and shipping of Circuit Creator™ Windows 2000 and NT compatible Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) software product. The Circuit Creator system includes the best selling Logic Creator™ Schematic Design and Capture software. This software provides facilities for full hierarchical schematic creation, and editing, while providing on-line, on-demand context sensitive help....

1.0 GigaSamples/sec, 12-bit D/A Card

April 6, 2001 5:20 am | Comments

To meet the market needs for ultra-high-speed waveform generation suitable for the embedded market, Chase Scientific has announced today the availability of the AWG1000, 1.0 GSamples/sec, 12-bit vertical resolution Arbitrary Waveform Generator housed on a single PCI compliant board with user programmable segmentation....

Alpha Introduces Four HBT Gain Block Amplifiers for RF and IF Applications

March 28, 2001 9:46 am | Comments

Alpha has introduced a family of four new Broadband HBT amplifiers for the growing broadband and wireless access markets. These HBT amplifiers exhibit low noise and high linearity performance characteristics over a wide frequency range making them ideally suited for applications in Cellular and PCS base stations, cable systems, direct to home satellite systems, wireless LAN (Bluetooth, WI-FI (802....

Omnidirectional Antennas

March 26, 2001 3:51 am | Comments

Pacific Wireless announced the availability of two new omnidirectional antennas operating from 2400 MHz to 2484 MHz for wireless communications base station applications. Usage of these antennas include transmit and receive applications for point-to-multipoint communication and wireless broadband communications....

IEEE International Microwave Symposium

March 16, 2001 11:31 am | Comments



Plated Copper On Thick Film Technology

March 9, 2001 6:11 am | Wireless Design & Development | Comments

Remtec Inc. has refined its patented process which combines patterned copper plated images with air-fireable thick films on ceramics for the manufacture of metalized ceramic substrates, chip carriers and packages. This PCTF™ technology allows circuit and package designers to develop a unique combination of features not previously available in a miniaturized microcircuit package....

Untangling the World of Wireless Messaging

March 7, 2001 10:31 am | Comments

As messaging and wireless booms converge, service providers seek the best technology available to overcome hurdles. By Larry Frank, Mirapoint, Inc. Wireless messaging has promised to make life easier for everyone — everyone, that is, but wireless service providers. They are faced with the challenge of squeezing the full power of the wired world into tiny unwired devices for the convenience of the masses demanding access to message...

Five Steps for Deploying Broadband Wireless Access Networks

March 7, 2001 10:27 am | Wireless Design & Development | Comments

By Robert Sanchez, InCode Telecom Group, Inc. Today's global business and residential users are demanding higher bandwidths at affordable prices to support faster, processing-intensive Internet applications. More important than bandwidth is the need for higher network availability and increased reliability....

Amplifier Research

March 6, 2001 6:46 am | Comments Amplifier Research offers a world class line of high power, broadband RF amplifiers and related test accessories, as well as the most comprehensive web site in the industry. AR's "S" Series amplifiers are particularly well suited for wireless and telecom applications because of their linear, low noise output power and frequency coverage from 0....


March 6, 2001 6:46 am | Comments      We are offering general purpose, high performance electromagnetic simulation and optimization tools, mixed frequency domain and time domain SPICE simulation tools for circuit and design in microwave, wireless, and signal integrity industries....

Data I/O Corporation

March 6, 2001 6:46 am | Comments Everything you need for programming is just a click away at Data I/O Online. To see just how easy programming can be, visit our web site....


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