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RFID Transponder Designer´s Kit for Automotive Electronics

Wed, 10/16/2013 - 1:05pm
WDD Staff

PREMO Group is offering a new RFID kit with a set of transponder coils, including a set of single axis transponders coils featuring:

  • Frequency of 125 kHz.
  • Dimensions between 6.6x2.3x1.75mm and 14.3x12x2.5mm.
  • Inductance values covered from 2,38 – 7,2mH.
  • Sensitivity between 18 – 88 mVpp/App/m (Min).

Also included is a set of 3-axis transponder coils, oriented to 3 axes coordinates “X”, “Y”, “Z”, winded over one common core, featuring:

  • Frequency of 125 and 20kHz.
  • Sensitivity between 20 – 80 mVpp/App/m (Min).
  • Suitability for pick-and-place assembly.
  • Operation in a temperature range from -40º to +85ºC.
  • Suitability for passive keyless entry systems (KES), keyless go (KG), type pressure monitory systems (TPMS), and immobilizers.
  • RoHS-compatible.
  • AEC-Q200 qualified.
  • 3DC09AOI and 3DC14AOI series allow automatic optical recognition of soldering process AOI (automatic optical inspection).

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