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New LabVIEW Driver Available for Elsys TraNET Devices and TPCX/TPCE Transient Cards

Wed, 09/18/2013 - 11:27am
WDD Staff


Expanded software driver compatibility simplifies development for data acquisition systems

Elsys Instruments (Monroe, NY) has developed a new software driver that makes its entire range of data acquisition products fully compatible with LabVIEW. 

Comprised of a set of virtual instruments (VIs), the LabVIEW driver supports all of the advanced data acquisition modes offered by Elsys. These modes include the unique Event Controlled Recording (ECR) mode, which allows targeted acquisition of cyclical or sporadic arising events with a guarantee of no dead time, as well as standard scope mode, multiblock mode, and continuous acquisition modes.

The new driver features:

  • A common architecture and interface with LabVIEW, eliminating the need for code development. 
  • Simplified programming structure, making it easier to implement an Elsys system into a variety of measurement applications requiring high accuracy, high speed data acquisition.
  • An installer supporting 32-bit and 64-bit Windows (XP or newer) and LabVIEW (2010 or newer).
  • Compatibility with LabVIEW’s universal requirements and recommendations for programming style, error handling, front panels, block diagrams, icons, and online help.

Industries that use Elsys’ precision-based data acquisition solutions include ballistics and explosive tests, acoustic emissions, ultrasonic testing, structural health monitoring, power conversion, and renewable power research, as well as electrical traction, engine control, and particle accelerator control.

Each VI corresponds to a specific programming operation such as the type of recording mode, starting and stopping of measurements, or reading acquired data traces in addition to device configuration set-ups, including sensitivity range, record length, sampling rate, and trigger settings.

Several free, fully-functioning examples are available with the installer packages, covering all the recording modes and functionalities of Elsys’ powerful data acquisition hardware.

For the free plug-and-play driver, complete with installer, manual and examples, visit



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