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New High-temperature, Outgassing-compliant Power Inductors from Coilcraft CPS

Fri, 09/06/2013 - 3:39pm
WDD Staff


Coilcraft CPS (Cary IL) has announced its new AE619PYA Series of high-temperature, military-grade power inductors that meet all NASA low outgassing specifications. These robust, composite-core surface mount inductors are constructed of high-temperature materials to exceed the requirements of most military and aerospace applications, such as driver circuitry, DC-DC converters, switching power supplies, power inverters, and filters. Soft saturation makes them ideal for voltage regulator module (VRM/VRD) applications. Features include:

  • Saturation current ratings to 111 A.
  • DC resistance down to 0.70 mOhms.
  • Self-shielded construction.  AE619PYA Series power inductors measure just 0.598 x 0.638 x 0.315-0.323 mm. 
  • Self-Resonant Frequencies to 53 MHz typical. 

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