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Battery Free Orientation Tag

Mon, 08/05/2013 - 3:33pm
WDD Staff


The Kineo1 from Farsens S.L. (San Sebastián, Spain) is a battery free RFID sensor tag capable of transmitting a unique identifier and the associated orientation data to a commercial EPC C1G2 reader without the need of a battery on the sensor tag. The main advantage of the product lies on the possibility of using the sensor without batteries at all. This feature allows for a wide range of opportunities using orientation sensors in applications where the accessibility is restricted, or where the use of batteries is not recommended. The Kineo1 will never require a battery change, saving the costs associated to maintenance. Features include:

  • Communicate to around 1.5 meters (5 feet).
  • Transmits through materials such as plastics or concrete.
  • Ability to be embedded in hardly accessible locations.
  • 3-axis acceleration data with an ODR of 10Hz.

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