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MiniRF 4-way Passive Splitter from RFMW

Fri, 05/31/2013 - 2:56pm
WDD Staff

RFMW (San Jose, CA) announced design and sales support for the MiniRF, 4-way splitter, model MRFSP0012. Covering the CATV bandwidth of 5 to 1002MHz, the MRFSP0012 replaces three, 2-way splitters commonly used to achieve a 1 to 4 split thus saving board space, reducing part count and offering easier design configuration. And, the MiniRF MRFSP0012 offers a cost savings over comparable performing, multi-splitter topologies. Mid-band insertion loss is typically 0.75dB with 25dB isolation. Amplitude balance is typically <0.1 dB while phase balance is typically <1 degree with a maximum of 2.0 degrees. The MiniRF is ideal for broadband, CATV applications. Features include:

  • A 75 ohm characteristic impedance.
  • A castellated, surface mount board measuring 0.25x0.50x0.07 inches.
  • RoHS compliant.

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